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Are you suffering from overthinking? don’t worry Here I gonna share with you the best strategy How to stop overthinking.

How to Stop overthinking?

Now, we have gone through some pretty powerful decision-making tools in this video,
we talked about the experimental outlook, versus the set-path outlook.

We talked about getting more comfortable with incomplete information like a poker player versus a chess player, we talked about the abundance of choice
and purposely limiting your choice pools. You hesitate less and you’re more satisfied with your decisions. And we also talked about getting more clear on your priorities utilizing the regret exercise.


And these tools, while powerful, are not the only decision-making tools out there. This is a lifelong pursuit, becoming better at decision-making.
And if you wanna get better at it, still, one additional resource you might wanna check out is Brilliant, which is a learning platform that helps you learn more effectively
and faster utilizing interactive problems and active learning. Brilliant’s library has more than 60 courses, there are two that I wanna point out to you here today because they are very pertinent to this video.

One of which is their Logic course, which will help you think more logically. And the other one is their Probability course. Now, this is a math and statistics course, but learning about probabilities will also help you to think probabilistically in your decisions as well. more

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