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Daily used in “English speaking sentences” topics complete guide. Want to improve your English Speaking? Or having trouble to go English Speaking Institute. Don’t worry, I am giving you all the English conversation practice tips.

So guys get ready to start the conversation in English! Are you excited?

Here you will study all the conversation topics as well as audio files, that will help you to improve your communication skills.

English conversation practice

But, begin to start I would like to suggest you if you don’t have an Idea about making structures of sentences then must go with Basic English Speaking Structures and Advance English Speaking Structures.

Here you will learn Daily “English conversation practicetopics related to sentences with audio and video. Must focus on all ESL of conversation topics. Also, we will provide an “English conversation pdf” with mp3 files.

Get the Complete English speaking course so Are you ready for that?

There are more topics of conversation lessons that will help you to prove your communication skills. All the topics and related to your daily life, Each lesson is designed on ESL-based questions answers. Also, get an English conversation topic pdf with worksheets free download.

English Speaking Conversation Practice 150 topics with Audio Lesson

  1. Meeting Conversation Practice
  2. Parting Conversation Practice
  3. Do you speak English? Conversation practice
  4. How to talk with a delivery boy? – Conversation
  5. English conversation practice on Activities
  6. Daily activities
  7. Asking questions on activities
  8. What did you do?
  9. Talking about activities
  10. Meeting at the station
  11. Asking questions at the station
  12. Meeting at the airport
  13. Getting information at the airport
  14. Getting hotel
  15. Finding hotel
  16. Finding direction
  17. Living in an apartment
  18. Using the telephone
  19. Shopping for clothes
  20. Asking directions
  21. Getting information
  22. Asking Bus stop
  23. Travelling by Bus
  24. Going By Taxi
  25. Taking a trip by car
  26. Travel plans
  27. During travel
  28. Time and the calender
  29. Living in a house
  30. Going shopping
  31. Shopping
  32. Getting help in stores
  33. Asking about prices
  34. How much does it cost?
  35. A money problem