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Learn Active Passive Voice With Examples | Simple Past

Welcome to the Advanced English speaking course. In this course, we will discuss all advanced English speaking structures. Are you ready to learn advance English speaking course?

If you don’t have an idea about the basics of English speaking you can also go with that. Begin you start to read I would like to give you some tips to learn and How you can implement during speaking English. As I have already told follow → LSRW rules.

Forms Of Verb: Voice ( Simple Past )

Today we will study about forms of the verb means voice. It is widely used in English speaking and effective way to use these types of sentences during the speaking. Learn here active-passive voice English and Hindi with Examples.

Rule: In present perfect sentences show that work has been completed in the present period.

Sound: Aa Gaya, E Gayi, A Gaye

Structure: Subject + was/were +V3 (Past participle )

Some Examples:-

1. A boy was taught.
Ladka Padhaya Gaya.
2. Boys were taught.
Ladke Padhaye Gaye.
3. The murderer was caught.
Hatyaara Pakda Gaya.
4. Thieves were punished.
Choron Ko Saja Di Gayi.
5. Pens were Bought.
Kalme Kharidi Gayin.
6. Police were called.
Police Bulai Gayi.
7. Sita was stolen.
Sita Churaai Gayi.
8. Gangsters were killed.
Daaku Maare Gaye.
9. Punks were bitten.
Gynde Pite Gaye.
10. Trees were planted.
Ped Rope Gaye.
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