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Welcome to the Advanced English speaking course. In this course, we will discuss all advanced English speaking structures. Are you ready to learn advance English speaking course?

If you don’t have an idea about the basics of English speaking you can also go with that. Begin you start to read I would like to give you some tips to learn and How you can implement during speaking English. As I have already told follow → LSRW rules.

  Question Tags Sentences

Here we will study some Wh question sentences. We often use these kinds of sentences when we uncertain or not known about anything. In these sentences always comes “This” and it is working as Subject of the sentence.

Advance English Speaking Structures

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Basics of English Speaking Course

Sound: Not known or uncertain


Noun clause as subject+ verb[is/was]+other words
What he says

That I am honest




known to all


Some Examples:-

1. Where she lives is not known.
Wah Kahan Rahati Hai Yah Malum Nahi.
2. When he will return is uncertain.
Wah Kab lautega Yah Anischit Hai.
3. Why she is sad is a mystery.
Wah Kyon Udas Rahati Hai Yah Ek Rahasya.
4. What he does is not known.
Wah Kya Karta Hai Yah Maalum Nahi.
5. That he is Poor is Known to all.
Wah Garib Hai Yah Sabko Maalum Hai.
6. That the Earth is round is known to all.
Prithvi Gol Hai Yah Sabko Maalum Hai.
7. Where he lives is uncertain.
Wah Kahan Rahata Hai Yah Anischit Hai.

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