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List of Interjections With Pictures #2022

A term used to indicate enthusiasm, displeasure, excitement, joy, grief, and other emotions is an interjection. It makes no reference to any particular emotional attachments, sensitivities, or other concerns. Here, I gonna share with you a list of interjections with picture.

List of Interjections

list of interjection

Interjections do not require any grammatical modifications to fit into any phrase.

List of Common Interjections with Examples

  1. Ah: Ah! I lost my ring.
  2. Alas: Alas! His grandmother is no more.
  3. Phew: Phew! You are so lucky that you don’t need to do anything more.
  4. Humph: Humph! He spends a lot of time here. 
  5. Yummy: Umm, Yummy! this dish is amazing
  6. Hello: hello sir! Would you like to have anything?
  7. Hi: HI! How are you feeling now?
  8. Hey: Hey Sam! Please tell me where her home?
  9. Wow: Wow! thats really amazing.
  10. Hurray: Hurray! We won this match.
  11. Hurrah: Hurrah! We did this.
  12. Congratulations: Congratulations, your son has become the champion once again.
  13. Oh, God: Oh God!, Again we missed the game.
  14. Surprise: Surprise! I got for you something. 
  15. Look: Look! I’m so tired today,I don’t wanna come with you.

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