Raksha Bandhan: What is Raksha Bandhan? Why Raksha Bandhan Celebrated 2021

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Raksha Bandhan is the most popular festival in India. In India Raksha Bandhan is celebrated during Shravana month a day on Purnima or full moon. This festival is celebrated each year in Sharavana month as per the position of the full moon.

Rakshabandhan is a Hindus festival according to the Indian Culture. There is also another word called Rakhi instead of Rakshabandhan. 

Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan

In 2021 Raksha Bandhan will be celebrated on Saturday, August 21. On this day All Sisters apply Tilak to their Brother’s forehead and Tied a Sacred Thread called ‘Rakhi’ to their Wrist as a Symbol of their Safty and pray for his long life and feed them, sweets.

And The Brothers as a return promise to protect them for a lifetime and also offer them gifts.

What is Raksha Bandhan?

Actually, this festival connects the relationships of Brother and sister with love as a “Bond of protection“. The meaning of Rakhi is A bracelet that is made of thread, and the Rakhi word comes from Sanskrit.

This festival is celebrated by Hindus and Jain every year on Purnima (full moon). As we know it is celebrated in Sharavana so it is also called Savani.

On this day most of the good leaders are also tied by the sisters and prey them for safety. RSS(Rashtriya Swayan Sewak) members also celebrate this festival by tiding to each other Rakhi for goodwill.

How to celebrate Raksha Bandhan?

On that day, Women decorate the plate of worship. Along with Rakhi on the plate, there is also Roli or turmeric, rice, lamp, sweets, and some money. Boys and men get ready and sit in worship or any suitable place and then Sisters apply them Tilak, give them Aarti for a better future.

First, the desired deity is worshiped, after that, the brother is vaccinated, then the brothers gave them Gifts and money and promise them safety for long life.

Where is the Origins of RakshaBandhan

The origin Of Rakshabandhan is a very beautiful story. When the Rakhi celebration was started is not known, But in the Bhavishya Purana, it is described that when the war started between the gods and the demons, then the demons seemed to dominate.

Lord Indra panicked and went to Brihaspati. Sitting there, Indrani’s wife Indrani was listening to everything. She sanctified a silk thread with the power of mantras and tied it on her husband’s hand.

Incidentally, it was the day of Shravan Purnima. People believe that Indra was victorious in this battle only with the power of this thread.

RakshaBandhan 2021: Significance In India

There are many stories regarding Rakshabandhan, As I previously told you a story, Also It is believed that Once upon a time in Mahabharat Lord Krishna was Injured by a sharp weapon then Draupati suddenly came and tore off a part of her Saari and bandaged Murali’s finger.

In return, Lord Krishna promises to protect her whenever she will be in trouble.

Rakhi and modern technical medium


Nowadays Rakhi is also affected by due to modern technology, Most people are living out of the country foreign like the USA, Uk, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, etc. Most of the Indians are in Gulf countries.

His family members (brothers and sisters) are still in India. After the advent of the Internet, many e-commerce sites have opened which take online orders and deliver Rakhi to the given address.

There is a movie about a sister taking her brother and tying a rakhi. Many sisters can send this CD to their brothers living in distant countries on the occasion of Rakhi.

Best Rakshabandhan 2021: Wishes

  • My Brother wish you on this Raksha Bandhan you may come out with flying colors and Stay Happy always.
  • Happy Rakshandhan Bhaiya, Wish you always be happy and Achieve your goals.
  • Wish you Rakshabandhan my brother wish you Aapki shadi jald Ho jaye.
  • Bhaiya mere Rakhi Ke Bandhan Ko Nibhana! Wish You Stay Happy Always.
  • Rakhi Ka Bandhan Ko Nibhana! Happy Rakshabandhan My Bro!
  • A very Happy Rakshabandhan My Saitan Brother, Stay Happy Always.
  • Life is so beautiful my dear sister wish you stay happy always

The sentiments of Rakhi expresses not only for a band of brothers and sisters but also create a positive effect on family and creates a happy moment.

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