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Krishna Janmashtami Story Facts In English 2021-22

Mathura is one of the seven ancient and holy cities of India. Mathura has the same importance as Bethlehem for Christians, Lumbini for Buddhists, and Medina for Muslims. Lord Krishna was born in Mathura. From birth to nirvana, there will be a lot of thrill in the events of Lord Krishna’s life.

Someone told Krishna’s maternal uncle Kansa that the children of Vasudev and Devaki would be the cause of his death, so he kept both Vasudev and Devaki in jail. Kansa used to kill as soon as the two children were born.

Krishna Janmashtami 2021-22

According to the prediction that Vishnu was to be born as Krishna from Devaki’s womb, then as his 8th incarnation, the 7th Muhurat of the night of Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada left in the 28th Dwapara of the 8th Manu of Vaivasvata, and the 8th was present.1

The most auspicious Lagna was present at midnight. Only auspicious planets were visible on that Lagna. The coincidence of Rohini Nakshatra and Ashtami Tithi took place in yoga called Jayanti, around 3112 BCE (ie 5126 years before today). According to astrologers, there was zero time at 12 o’clock at that time.

Gokul across the Yamuna: When Krishna was born, all the sentries of the prison slept in deep sleep by Maya. The prison doors opened automatically.

It was raining heavily at that time. There was a boom in the Yamuna. It was in that rain that Vasudev put little Krishna in a basket and with that basket, he came out of the prison.

Yamuna river was at some distance. They had to go beyond that, but how? Then the miracle happened. The water of Yamuna touched the feet of God and then its water split into two parts and from this cross became the path across it.

Krishna Janmashtami Story In English

It is said that Vasudeva took Krishna across the Yamuna to his friend Nandagop in Gokul. Nanda’s wife Yashoda was also born a girl there. Vasudev put Sri Krishna to Yashoda and took the girl. Gokul’s mother was Yashoda’s maternal uncle and his in-law in Nandgaon.

Yashoda and Nanda were brought up by Shri Krishna.Gokul is a village on the banks of the Yamuna, where the cows of all Nandas were inhabited.

Nand was the head of the serious Gopas living in Gokul and Nandgaon around Mathura. It was here that Rohini, Vasudev’s second wife, gave birth to Balarama.

Krishna Janmashtami 2020

Balarama was in the 7th womb of Devaki whom Yogamaya drew and put him in Rohini’s womb. This place belonged to the Gop people. The distance from Mathura to Gokul is just 12 kilometers.

Slaughter of Pootana: When Kansa finds out that Vasudev and Devaki have fraudulently sent their son somewhere else, he sent his servants in all four directions and told that all the children born at such and such a time. Be killed In the first instance, the followers of Kansa came to know that the child has been left across the Yamuna.

In early childhood, Shri Krishna killed many demons sent by his maternal uncle and thwarted all his misdeeds. First, he killed Pootna. He killed Pootana at some distance from Nandababa’s house. When the terror of Kansa started increasing in Nandgaon, Nandababa escaped from there. There must have been many reasons to flee.

Arrival at Vrindavan: Due to the danger of Kansa in Nandgaon, Nandababa took both brothers from there to another village Vrindavan. Vrindavan is the prominent place of Krishna’s pastimes. Vrindavan is 14 km from Mathura.

According to Srimad Bhagwat and Vishnu Purana, to avoid the tyranny of Kansa, Nandji settled in Vrindavan from Nandgaon along with the Kutumbis and sentries. The Vishnu Purana also describes Krishna’s pastimes in Vrindavan. Here Kaliya was suppressed by Sri Krishna.

Krishna Janmashtami 2021-22

Slaughter of Kalia and Dhanuk: Then after getting bigger, he killed Kaliya Nag along with Balaram in Kadamb forest. Then in the same way there lived a tyrannical man named Dhanuk of the monster caste in Tal forest, whom Baldev killed.

Both the above incidents spread the fame of Krishna and Baldev far and wide. Apart from this, he performed Yamalarjuna, Shaktasura slaughter, Pralamb slaughter, and Arishta slaughter here.

Rasleela: It is believed that Sri Krishna and Radha used to bathe together at a ghat here. Earlier, Krishna had met Radha at Sanket Tirtha near Gokul. In Vrindavan itself, Shri Krishna and Gopis used to play a game of eye-wrenching.

It was here that Shri Krishna and all his Sakhas and Sakhias used to organize dance-festival on Raslila i.e. Teej-festivals. He is called Bankebihari because of Krishna’s mischief.

There is a temple of Bankebihariji here. Here the story of Lord Krishna is attached to each ghat of Yamuna Ghat.

Govardhan Parvat: There is Govardhan Parvat near Vrindavan. It was here that Krishna saved the people from the wrath of Indra. In that period people feared Indra and worshiped him.

Krishna took out his fear and taught him to pray only to God. Nanda used to celebrate the worship of Indra. Shri Krishna closed it and started the festival of Annakoot in Kartik month.

Krishna Janmashtami 2021-22

Kansa slaughter: Due to the fame of both brothers due to confronting Kalia and Dhanuk in Vrindavan, Kansa understood that astrological prophecy could be such a strong teenager only son of Vasudev and Devaki.

Kansa then invited the two brothers to wrestle, as Kansa wanted them to be killed by the wrestlers, but the two brothers captured Kansa by killing Chanur and Mushtik, the wrestlers of Shiromani, and killed him on sight. gave.

After killing Kansa, Krishna and Baldev again made Kansa’s father Ugrasena the king. Ugrasen had 9 sons, Kansa was the eldest among them. Their names are Nyagrodha, Tsunama, Kank, Shank Ajbhoo, Rashtrapala, Yudhushuti, and Sumushitid.They had 5 sisters named Kansa, Kansavati, Satantu, Rashtrapali, and Kanka. He is said to have originated in the Ugrasenkukur-dynasty with his offspring and ruled until he took over the reign of Vrajnabha.

Krishna Janmashtami  Story in English

Krishna had become very popular in childhood as he faced many accidental accidents and thwarted Kansa conspiracies in his teens. After Kansa’s slaying, his anonymity also ended and the fear of the state including him. His father and foster father then arranged for the education and initiation of the two brothers.

Guru’s Ashram: Both brothers were sent to Sandipani’s ashram for the education of Astra, Shastra, and Shastri, where Krishna-Balarama duly took initiation and gained special expertise in archery with other scriptures. At the same time, he met Sudama Brahmin, who became his guru-brother.

 In this ashram, Krishna spent a few years of his life and was confronted with many incidents and he also got fame here. After receiving education and initiation, Krishna and Balarama returned to Mathura again and then began to see the work of the army and rule of Mathura.

Ugrasena, who was the king of Mathura, was Krishna’s maternal grandfather. After Kansa was killed, his brother-in-law and emperor Jarasandha of Magadha became enraged.

Krishna Janmashtami  Story in English

Attack of Jarasandha: When Kansa was killed, Jarasandha, the most powerful emperor of Magadha, became angry because Kansa was his son-in-law. Jarasangha was the father of Kansa.

Kansa’s wife Magadha used to provoke the Jarasangha repeatedly to avenge Kansa. For this reason, Jarasangha attacked 17 times to annex the kingdom of Mathura. Every time his attack was thwarted. Then one day he planned a fierce attack with Kalayavan.

Kalayavan’s army surrounded Mathura. He sent a message to the King of Mathura and gave Kalayavan a day’s time for battle. Sri Krishna sent a reply that the war should only be in Krishna and Kalayavan, why fight the army in vain? Kalayavan accepted.

When Krishna and Kalayavan fought and Krishna left the battlefield, Kalayavan also ran after them. While running, Krishna went into a cave. Kalayavan also entered there itself. And saw another man sleeping in the cave. Kalayavan considered him Krishna and kicked him tightly and the man got up.

As soon as he opened his eyes and started looking around, then he saw Kalayavan in front. Kalayavan was instantly burned by his sight. Kalayavan found the men who slept in the cave.

He was King Muchukund, son of Ikshvaku Vanshi Maharaja Mandhata, who was ascetic and majestic. Kalayavan was consumed on seeing him. Muchukund had the boon that whoever lifts them will be consumed on sight.

Krishna Janmashtami  Story in English

Mahabhinishkramana: There was a stir after Kalayavan was killed. Now foreigners too had become enemies of Shri Krishna. Then finally Krishna persuaded the convicts of his 18 clans to leave Mathura.

They all left Mathura and settled near Kushsthali Puri (Dwarka) near the Raivat mountain. – (Mahabharata Mausal – 14.43-50)

It was the largest migration in history. Yadavs of millions of Krishna, including Ugrasen, Akrur, Balarama, returned to their former place of Dwarka. Left only those who were not from the Krishna family.

Lakhs of people of Mathura Mandal tried to stop him, including other Yaduvanshis. Everyone had tears in their eyes, but Krishna had to go. Yaduvanshi people already lived in Saurashtra.

It was the land of their ancient ancestors. After this exodus, the population of Mathura would have been very less. After the departure of Krishna, Jarasandha was ruled over Mathura.

Dwarka: Krishna lived happily in Dwarka. Staying here, he increased his activities in the politics of Hastinapur and married 8 women and established a new clan and empire. Dwarika was similar to Vaikuntha. Krishna had 8 wives: – Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Mitravanda, Satya, Lakshmana, Bhadra, and Kalindi. He had many sons and daughters.

Krishna Janmashtami  Story in English

After this, Krishna freed about 16,000 women who were taken hostage by Bhaumasura (Narakasura) and gave them shelter in Dwarka.

Narakasura was the demon king of Pragjyotishpur who defeated Indra and drove him out of his city. Due to the tyranny of Narakasura, the deities were trialing.

Trilok emerged victorious by snatching Varuna’s umbrella, Aditi’s horoscope, and the gem of the gods. He used to abduct and exploit thousands of beautiful girls on Earth.

All these liberated women were not the wives or concubines of Krishna, but their daughters and disciples, who were freely and freely pursuing their way of life in their kingdom.

Krishna’s meeting with Pandavas: Draupadi-Swayamvar was organized by King Drupada of Panchal one day. In that period, out of the 2 years of exile of Pandavas, one year of exile had passed.

Krishna also went to that swayamvara. There Pandava’s son of his aunt (Kunti) was also present there. It was from here that Krishna’s intimacy with the Pandavas began.

Krishna Janmashtami  Story in English

Pandava Arjuna attained Draupadi by penetrating Matsya and thus revealed his archery skills to many kings of the country. Sri Krishna was very pleased with this skill of Arjuna.

While there he befriended the Pandavas and after the exile ended, he reached Hastinapur with the Pandavas. Kuruj Dhritarashtra had given the region around Indraprastha to the Pandavas.

The Pandavas took advantage of Krishna’s experience of building Dwarka. With his help, he also cleared a part of the forest and settled Indraprastha city in a nice and beautiful manner.

After this, Krishna returned to Dwarka. Then one day Arjuna reached Dwarka during the pilgrimage. He was fascinated to see Krishna’s sister Subhadra there. Krishna married both and thus Krishna became close friends with Arjuna.

Slaughter of Jarasandha: After the creation of Indraprastha, Yudhishthira conducted a Rajasuya Yajna and called Krishna for necessary counseling. Krishna came to Indraprastha and supported the Rajsuya Yagna.

But he told Yudhishthira that first the tyrannical kings and their power should be destroyed only then the Rajsuya Yajna will have importance and fame in the country and abroad. Yudhishthira accepted Krishna’s suggestion, Krishna then advised Yudhishthira to climb Jarasandha first.

Krishna Janmashtami  Story in English

After this, Krishna along with Bhima and Arjuna left for Magadha and after some time reached the capital of Magadha, Giribraj. Krishna’s policy was successful and he killed Jarasandha in the wrestling by Bhima.

After the death of Jarasandha, Krishna made his son Sahadeva king of Magadha. Then he freed all the kings locked in the prison-house of Giribraj and thus Krishna got a lot of fame by ending the cruel ruler like Jarasandha by returning the captive kings to their kingdom again.

After the slaughter of Jarasandha, all other cruel rulers were frightened. The Pandavas forced everyone to bow down and thus the kingdom of Indraprastha expanded.

After this Yudhishthira conducted the Rajasuya Yajna. In the Yajna, Yudhishthira offered Lord Veda Vyasa, Bharadwaja, Sunuttu, Gautama, Asit, Vasistha, Chyavan, Kandava, Maitreya, Kavash, Jit, Vishvamitra, Vamdev,

Sumati, Jamin, Kratu, Paal, Parashar, Garga, Vaishampayan, Atharva, Kashyapa, Dhaumya, Parashurama, Shukracharya, Asuri, Veethotra, Madhudwanda, Veerasen, Akitrabran, etc. were all invited. Apart from this, Rajadhiraj of all countries was also called.

In this yajna, Krishna’s enemy, and Jarasandha’s friend Shishupala also came, who was a friend of Krishna’s wife Rukmini’s brother and who wanted to marry Rukmini. He was the son of Krishna’s second aunt, so he was also Krishna’s brother.

Sri Krishna had pledged to forgive his aunt for his 100 crimes. In this yajna, he insulted Krishna for the 100th time, due to which Krishna killed him in a full yagya assembly.

Krishna Janmashtami  Story in English

Mahabharata: While living in Dwarka, Krishna taught many lessons of religion, politics, policy, etc. and preached Dharma, but he could not stop the war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas and eventually he became the charioteer of Arjuna in the Mahabharata.

This was the biggest incident in his life. Krishna also had a big role in the Mahabharata. Krishna’s sister Subhadra was the wife of Arjuna. Sri Krishna had preached the Gita to Arjuna before the war.

In order to make the Mahabharata war in favor of the Pandavas, Krishna had to use a lot of deceit, force, and policy before the war. Ultimately, the Pandavas won the war due to their policy.

A large number of people died in this war. Lamenting the corpse of all the Kauravas, Gandhari cursed – ‘O Krishna, your clan is destroyed.’

Nirvana of Krishna: Lord Krishna was born in Mathura. His childhood was spent in Gokul, Vrindavan, Nandgaon, Barsana, etc.

After killing his maternal uncle Kansa, he freed his parents from Kansa’s prison and then took the charge of Mathura at the request of the public. After Kansa’s death Jarasandha, the father-in-law of Kansa, became a staunch enemy of Krishna. Kalayavan was killed due to Jarasandha.

After that Krishna made his residence in Dwarka and while staying there he participated in the Mahabharata war. After the Mahabharata war, Krishna reigned in Dwarka for 36 years.

Krishna Janmashtami  Story in English

In the end, Duryodhana etc. was killed and Kaurava dynasty was destroyed as a result of conduct against religion. After the Mahabharata war, Lord Sri Krishna went to Gandhari for the purpose of comforting him.

Gandhari was extremely distraught in mourning the death of his 100 sons. On seeing Lord Krishna, Gandhari got angry and cursed him that the way my 100 sons have perished because of you, similarly your offspring will also perish due to killing each other.

In order to fulfill that curse of Goddess Gandhari, Lord Krishna changed the mind of his family’s Yadavas. This does not mean that he cursed the destruction of the dynasty of Yadus. Only Krishna dynasty was cursed.
The war of Mahabharata was over. Krishna used to live in Dwarika.

The Pandavas also went to the forest by handing over the kingdom to Yudhishthira. One day some Yaduvanshi children came under the control of arrogance and insulted Durvasa Rishi. After Gandhari, Durvasa Rishi also cursed that your dynasty should be destroyed.

All Yaduvanshi of Krishna became frightened by the effect of his curse. Due to this fear, one day on the order of Krishna, they all came to the Prabhas area near Somnath on a Yadu festival.

In the joy of the festival, they drank a lot of intoxicating liquor and started beating each other as they got drunk. In this way, only a few survived except Lord Krishna.

Krishna Janmashtami  Story in English

According to a legend, when the pestle that came out of Samb’s belly from Sayag was rubbed with the permission of Lord Krishna, its powder was thrown on the banks of this shrine from which the Yadavas started to kill each other. These bushes, which originated from the curse of the sages, worked as sharp weapons and destruction of all the major Yaduvanshis here.

There is a thrilling description of this war in the Maasal festival of Mahabharata. All Yadav chiefs were killed in this civil war.
The survivors left Dwarka as Krishna had said and taken refuge in Hastinapur. As soon as the Yadavas and their respected republics came to an end, Krishna’s settlement settled in the Dwarka Sea.

Lord Krishna was very upset to see the destruction of his family in this area of ​​influence. They started living there. Yudhishthira used to come to meet him occasionally.

One day he was lying in Yoganidra under a peepal tree in the forest of the same area of ​​influence when a fowler named ‘Zara’ mistakenly thought him a deer and gave him a poisoned arrow, which went to the soles of his feet and Lord Krishna He gave up his body as an excuse.

He gave up his body in this area exactly 36 years after the Mahabharata war. He was about 56 years old when the Mahabharata was fought. He was born in 3112 BC. By this value, he left the body at the age of 92 in 3020 BC.

Finally, Vajra or Vajranabha, the great-grandson of Krishna, was the last ruler of the Yaduvansha of Dwarika, who survived the mutual battle of the Yadus. When Dwarika drowned in the sea, Arjuna went to Dwarka and took Vajra and the remaining Yadav women to Hastinapur.

Vajra, the great-grandson of Krishna, was declared king of Mathura at Hastinapur. Mathura region is called Brajmandal by the name of Vajranabha.

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Krishna Janmashtami  Story in English 2021-22

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