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Sherwin Williams paint colors online: How to find and Use the Sherwin Williams ColorSnap Visualizer – Paint a Scene tool on the Sherwin-Williams website. okay so we’re on the Sherwin-Williams website and we want to do is explore paint colors see what they’re gonna look like on say the interior of a wall or if you’re doing it next year you want to see what they look like on the exterior of the house finding these tools on Sherwin Williams website is a pain in the neck.

Sherwin Williams paint colors online

To do is we’re exploring paint stains colors and supplies so we go to the first option up here and click on that next thing they’re gonna do which is not showing in this particular video is they’re gonna ask you are you are a homeowner or a builder or whatever else and I’ve already clicked I clicked on that evidently it’s remembering my cookies so that’s not showing us that option but it’s pretty self-explanatory that part you can figure out how the next thing is you want to find that tool.

finding that tool again is just it’s amazing how difficult it was so what we want to do is go to color tools so go-to color and then color tools and then once there if you scroll down we have this color snap visualizer for the web and let’s click on that and it’s going to go ahead and load the color snap visualizer and then from here, you go to paint a scene so we have explored color get inspired to paint a scene so paint a scene.

And then what I would do is you know you’re just kind of looking to get a color scheme and you don’t you know if you want to go into your photos that’s fine I’m not going to show you how to do that in this video the main thing is just to you know to show you how to get to an actual tool you can actually use so we’re gonna do sample scenes and then here you can scroll through all these indoor scenes for me I was looking for an outdoor scene and so there’s one.

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The outdoor scene here’s another outdoor scene and you can just go and pick one and we’ll pick this one paint this scene okay now here’s the colors down here that you have to work with and if you click on the first one which is already clicked you can then go and highlight this area click on the area and it will paint it okay and then let’s say we want to try and use this other color and then you want to do the trim and here I’m

Going to go off the trim can’t really see that it changed let’s see if we can do this one it was just too light so there’s that let’s click off the picture so there you go now that kind of shows you know what the what it looks like with the trim and the other one now let’s say that you don’t like the colors that gave you so let’s go ahead and click on add color and let’s see what do we want to play with I’m gonna play with colors that I normally wouldn’t use

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Just for kicks let’s cry this one and let’s do an ad and then let’s see here what do we want to do for a trim again these are colors I would never really use but I’m just gonna have some fun with this and see okay so we’ve got that now again how do you get back and this is where you got to go up here to the top and go to paint a scene once again because they don’t make it easy to get back sample scenes and then paint this scene and

It’s gonna say hey open your scene he’s gonna replace the current scene you were working on would you like to continue well if you say no you’re still stuck on this thing that you can’t do anything with so you just got to say yes and start over again which is fine cuz we’re gonna start over again anyway but again they don’t really make it easy to go back to the scene you were working on so this is the way you’ve got to do it so again here’s the color that we

Were picked and here’s another color that we were playing with that’s not what I wanted to do I wanted to do that and then I wanted on the trim and click out of it so you can see get an idea so again not something I think I would normally do for a house but hey for the purpose of this video can I give you an idea I’m playing with the trim here and again I’m clicking out of it so give you kind of an idea let’s see what

Sherwin-williams color of the year 2022

This looks like with the main as red and clicks out of it so there you go that’s how you use the color picker and again it’s I just wanted to go through and show how to use this to a number one how to get to the tool and then number two how to get to the number one how to get to the tool number two how to use the tool how to find paint colors and the atom and then how to get back to the houses and play with it because it’s not really user friendly at all and

They don’t leak and they only give you a limited number of slots here for colors so as you pick colors that you like you’ll want to go and get rid of other colors that maybe you don’t like so much let’s see here that to me is just too light I don’t think I’m gonna know let’s come back pick clicked on the wrong one here I don’t think I’m going to use that really really light one here and again the reason I’m deleting it is that I want to have more space here to try.

Ssherwin-williams stain colors

Other colors now once we’re done there with this we can go and click on more scenes and then we can go back and try a different exterior house and just play around with it so hopefully, that’s helpful again I just found finding the tool to be extremely difficult to find I found it very difficult to add colors and get back to the paint is seen so looks like everything you’re going to need is up here again it’s going to when you do go

To paint a scene it’ll remove what you did before but that’s ok and the other thing and we’ll do yes the other thing you can do if you wanted to you could actually save once you’ve done it you can save it to your computer and then that way you can go back and look at it later after you’re off the site or if you want to print it out and take it with you it does allow you to save it to your computer so hopefully that’s helpful again I’m not going into super. Sherwin Williams paint colors online

Super detail with it but I want to go into enough detail that you can go and find what you need to find and play around with this because it does it took me a good 10-15 minutes a lot of frustration before figuring it out so that’s it for now,

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