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Short Forms of Words used in WhatsApp | 2500+Abbreviations

Short forms of words used in WhatsApp: Abbreviations of words, Actually short forms of words mostly used in text chat in WhatsApp. Shorts forms of words used in WhatsApp text messaging. Also, Text messaging, paragraph writing discord, Twitter, etc. But before you go for the 2500+ short forms of words used in WhatsApp, let me make you understand “what is the importance of these Abbreviations?” why it is widely used in our daily life.

WhatsApp Abbreviations

What are Abbreviations? Why it is widely used

The abbreviation is the short form of a word or phrase. It is a widely used term for a shortened or contracted form of a word. You know what! by reading, you will come to know that abbreviations are the most important us in many ways. See the uses of Abbreviations from the examples:

  • In-text formating
  • chat abbreviations for texting
  • Online communications like WhatsApp, telegram, FB, Instagram, etc.
  • Whatsapp abbreviations are very interesting and everyone
  • Mostly we use WhatsApp abbreviations in chatting on WhatsApp.
2500+ Short-Form Words, short forms of words Abbreviations
2500+ Short-Form Words, short forms of words Abbreviations

The term Acronyms word also comes in when we study Abbreviations. What are Acronyms? The Acronym is a short word that is made from the first letters of a group of words.

Examples: AE = Automatic exposure. / CST= continue same treatment

Usases and Meaning

All we can’t learn is the usage of and meaning of these Acronyms due to the bulk quantity available on the internet so, we use only a few of them in our daily routine. However, we will know some kinds of Abbreviations given below.

2500+ Short Forms of Words used in WhatsApp

Yes, you are right. As you read the heading. Here we will study about 2500+ Short-form of words. I have shared you don’t need to go through it all by reading. You can go through according to your category.

Note: All the short form words that I am giving in this article are category-wise you can go through them according to your category. the lists are given below also all the information we collected from Wikipedia and the internet

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Top 50+ Short Forms Of Words Used In WhatsApp

Here is the list of abbreviations which is used in Watsapp: Short Forms of Words used in WhatsApp

Short Forms Of Words Used In WhatsApp
whatsapp abbriviations
  • IAC – In any case
  • AS – Age/Sex/Location
  • B4 – Before
  • POS – Parent over shoulder
  • OT – Off-topic
  • FTW – For the win
  • HW – Homework
  • W8 – Wait
  • PC – Personnel computer
  • ITT – In this thread
  • SEPT – Spoken English Tips
  • RBTL – Read between the lines
  • ETA – Estimated time of arrival
  • BCNU –Be seeing you
  • XOXO – Hugs and kisses
  • AFK – Away from the keyboard
  • BB – Bye Bye
  • DIY – Do it yourself
  • MW – On my way
  • SD – Sweet dreams
  • PM – Private message
  • YW – You’re welcome
  • RL – Real life
  • SRY – Sorry
  • DIKU – Do I know you
  • IDGI – I don’t get it
  • IDC – I don’t care
  • IDK – I don’t know
  • FBO – Facebook official
  • CFY – Calling for you
  • AAMOF – As a matter of fact
  • TYT – Take your time
  • TY – Thank you
  • GG – Good game
  • IRL – In real life
  • GJ – Good job
  • HMB – Hit me back
  • POV – Point of view
  • R8 – Right
  • BTW – By the way
  • W8AM – Wait a minute
  • SU – Shut up
  • PIC – Picture
  • NC – No comment
  • SEC – Second
  • IMO – In my opinion
  • JK – Just kidding

Some of the Short Forms Of Words Used In texting on whatsapp are given below

SEPTSpoken English Tips
WAMWait a minute
WAN2TLKWant to talk
WASWait for a second
WAWAWhere are we at?
WAYFWhere are you from?
W/BWrite back
WBWelcome back
WBSWrite back soon
WBUWhat about you?
WCWho cares
WCAWho cares anyway
WEPWeapon (online gaming)
WH5Who, what, when, where, why
WIBNIWouldn’t it be nice if
WDALYICWho died and left you in charge
WDYKWhat do you know?
WDYTWhat do you think?
WGACAWhat do you think?
WIIFMWhat’s in it for me?
WISPWinning is so pleasurable
WITPWhat is the point?
WITWWhat in the world
WIUWrap it up
WRTWith regard to
WLWhatta loser
WOAWork of Art
WOMBATWaste of money, brains and time
WRUWhere are you?
[email protected]Where are you at?
WRUDWhat are you doing?
WTBWant to buy (online gaming)
WTGWay to go
WTGPWant to go private (talk out of public chat area)
WTHWhat the heck?
WTMWho’s the man?
WTSWant to sell? (online gaming)
WTTWant to trade? (online gaming)
WUWhat’s up?
WUCIWUGWhat you see is what you get
WUPWhat’s up?
WUU2What are you up to?
WUZMeaning “was”
WWJDWhat would Jesus do?
WWNCWill wonders never cease
WWYCWrite when you can
WYCMWill you call me?
WYDWhat (are) you doing?
WYGAMWhen you get a minute

Text message abbreviations

Short Forms of Words used in WhatsApp
Text message abbreviations
Am I RightAIR or Amirite
As Far As I KnowAFAIK
As Soon As PossibleASAP
At The MomentATM
..as fuckAF
Away From KeyboardAFK
Be Right BackBRB
BecauseB/C or BC
Best Friend or BoyfriendBF
Best Friend Forever
Boyfriend Forever
By The WayBTW
Bye For NowBFN
Christmas or Christmas dayXmas
For RealFR
For The WinFTW
For Your InformationFYI
Get The Fuck OutGTFO
Good GameGG
Good night/Good morningGN
Have A Nice DayHAND
How I feel whenHIFW
Hugs And KissesHAK or XOXO
I ain’t coming backIACB
I don’t careIDC
I Don’t KnowIDK
I Feel Your PainIFYP
I Hate YouIH8U
I have no ideaIHNI
I Know, Right?IKR
I Love YouILU or ILY
I Miss YouIMY
In Real LifeIRL
If I Remember CorrectlyIIRC
In My Humble/Honest OpinionIMHO
In My OpinionIMO
Just KiddingJK
Just so you knowJSYK
Keep It Simple, StupidKISS
Keeping parents cluelessKPS
Later (often as a valediction)l8r
Laugh(ing) my ass off (for great amusement)LMAO
Laugh(ing) Out Loud (for mild amusement)LOL
Loving The Weather TodayLTWT or LWT
My face whenMFW
My reaction whenMRW
Nevermind/No Worries MateNVM
No problemNP
Not a NumberNaN
Oh My Gosh/God/GoodnessOMG
On The WayOTW
Original Poster, OverpoweredOP
Parent at homePAH
Parent behind backPBB
Parent in the roomPITR
Parent over my shoulderPOMS
Parents are watchingPAW
Profile picturePFP
PleasePLZ or PLS
Read the fucking manualRTFM
Rolling on the Floor LaughingROFL
Sealed With a KissSWAK
See YouCU
See You LaterCUL8R
Shaking My Head (disapproval/frustration)SMH
Shut The Fuck UpSTFU
Significant OtherSO
Sleeping, Bored, TiredZZZ
So MuchSM
So What’s Your Problem?SWYP
Stop What You’re DoingSWYD
Such A LaughSAL
Talk To You LaterTTYL
Tears in My EyesTIME
Thank You so MuchTYSM
ThanksTHNX or THX
Thanks, Thank youTHX or TU or TY
That Feeling WhenTFW
That Makes SenseTMS
Thinking of YouTOU
Tonight or See you tonight2NYT or 2nite
To Be AnnouncedTBA
To Be HonestTBH
Too Long; Didn’t ReadTL;DR, TLDR
Too Much InformationTMI
Trying Not To LaughTNTL
You Only Live OnceYOLO
You’re on Your OwnYOYO
You’re WelcomeYW
What Are You DoingWYD
What Do You MeanWDYM
What The FuckWTF
What The HellWTH
Where Are You AtWYA
Wish You Were HereWYWH
WithW/ or W
Works For MeWFM

Short Forms of Words used in WhatsApp Abbreviations in photography

AAutomatic flash
AAAutomatic aperture
ADIAdvanced distance integration 
BBARBroad-band anti-reflection
DCDigitally corrected
DNGDigital Negative 
EMDelectromagnetic diaphragm 
EOSElectro-Optical System 
HSMHypersonic motor.
ISImage stabilizer 
OISOptical image stabilization 
OSOptical stabilizer
OSSOptical SteadyShot 
PZDPiezo drive 
SAMSmooth autofocus motor 
SDMSilent drive motor.
SLTSingle-lens translucent
SMCSuper multi-coated 
SRShake reduction 
SSSSuper SteadyShot 
SSMSupersonic-wave motor.
STFSmooth trans focus.
SWMSilent wave motor.
USDUltrasonic silent drive.
UMCUltra multi-coated.
USMUltrasonic motor.
VRVibration reduction 
A or AvAperture priority or Aperture value.
AEAutomatic exposure.
AE-L or AELAutomatic exposure lock.
AF-L or AFLAutofocus lock.
AoVAngle of view.
APEXAdditive system of photographic exposure.
ASAThe American Standards Association
AWBAutomatic white balance
C1Capture One
CAChromatic aberration.
CCDCharge-coupled device.
CDAFContrast-detection autofocus.
CLCamera left.
CIFCatch in focus.
CMOSComplementary metal-oxide-semiconductor.
CMYKCMYK color model.
CP, CPLCircular polarizing filter.
CSCCompact system camera.
DCFDesign rule for Camera File system.
DINDeutsches Institut für Normung.
DOF or DoFDepth of field.
DPIDots per inch.
DRDynamic range.
DSCDigital Still Camera.
DSLRDigital single-lens reflex camera
EDExtra low dispersion glass.
EFC, EFCS or EFSCElectronic first curtainelectronic front curtainelectronic first curtain shutterelectronic first shutter curtain 
EVExposure value.
EVFElectronic viewfinder.
EVILElectronic viewfinder interchangeable lens camera.
ExifExchangeable image file format.
ff-number, f-stop.
FFFull frame
FPFocal plane.
FPAFocal plane array.
FPSFrames per second.
GIFGraphics Interchange Format.
GNGuide number.
GNDGraduated neutral density.
HDRHigh dynamic range.
ICMIntentional camera movement.
IPSIn-Person Sales 
IQImage quality.
ISImage stabilization.
ISOInternational Organization for Standardization.
JPEGJoint Photographic Experts Group
LBALens buying addiction.
LCDLiquid crystal display.
LEDLight-emitting diode.
MFManual focus.
MILCMirrorless interchangeable lens camera.
MTFModulation transfer function.
NDNeutral density.
NRNoise reduction.
OCFOff-camera flash.
OOF or OoFOut of focus, Out of Frame.
OVFOptical viewfinder.
PDAFPhase-detection autofocus.
PFPurple fringing.
PNGPortable Network Graphics.
P&SPoint-and-shoot camera.
PS, PSEPhotoshopPhotoshop Elements.
RGBRGB color space.
RPResolving power.
S or TVShutter priority 
SCSoft Capture.
SLRSingle-lens reflex camera.
SOOCStraight out of camera.
STUShoot through umbrella.
SvSensitivity value.
TIFFTagged Image File Format.
TLRTwin-lens reflex.
TTLThrough the lens.
WBWhite balance.

Abbreviation list
– Short Forms of Words used in WhatsApp

AAAapply to the affected area
a.c.before meals
add.let there be added
ad us.according to custom
alt. on alternate days
alt. hor. at alternate hours
a.m.morning, before noon
amp. (ampul, ampoule)
aq. bull.boiling water
aq. com.common water
aq. dest.distilled water
ATCaround the clock
BDS, b.d.s.twice daily
bis in 7 d.twice a week
BMbowel movement
BNFBritish National Formulary
BSblood sugar
BSAbody surface area
cap., caps.capsule
c.m.tomorrow morning
c.m.s.to be taken tomorrow morning
c.c.cubic centimeter
c.n.tomorrow night
contin.let it be continued
cr., crmcream
CSTcontinue same treatment
c.v.tomorrow evening
DAWdispense as written
det.let it be given
alt.on alternate days
disp.dispersible [or] dispense
DSdouble strength
d.t.d.give of such doses
DTOdeodorized tincture of opium
DWdistilled water
e.m.p.as directed
EODevery other day
ex aq.in water; with water
f.make; let it be made
fl., fld.fluid
f.m.make a mixture
f. pil.make a pill
f.s.a.make according to art
h, hr, hor.hour
habt.let him have
hor. alt.every other hour (every second hour; at alternate hours)
hor. decub.at bedtime
hor. intermed.at intermediate hours
hor. tert.every third hour
IBWideal body weight
IJ, inj.injection
i.m., IMintramuscular
inf.infusion (extraction)
ione tablet
iitwo tablets
iiithree tablets
IUinternational unit
LASlabel as such
lat. dol.to the painful side
l.c.d.coal tar solution
M., m.mix
manein the morning
mdimetered-dose inhaler
m.d.u.to be used as directed
mg/dLmilligrams per deciliter
MgSO4magnesium sulfate
midiat midday
min.minimum or minute
mit., mitt.number of tablets provided 
mod. præscript.in the manner directed
MSmorphine sulfate or magnesium sulfate
MSO4morphine sulfate
NMTnot more than
noct.at night
non-rep.no repeats (no refills)
NPO, n.p.o.nothing by mouth
NSnormal saline (0.9%)
1/2NShalf-normal saline (0.45%)
NTEnot to exceed
o.d.every day (once daily) (preferred to “qd” in the UK[9])
o.d.right eye
o.m.every morning
o.n.every night
OPDonce per day
o.s.left eye
o.u.both eyes
part. æq.equal parts
perby or through
p.c.after meals
p.c.h.s., pc&hsafter meals and at bedtime
p.m.evening or afternoon
p.o.by mouth or orally
p.r.n., PRNas needed
p.v., PVvaginally
qevery per
q.a.d.every other day
q.a.m.every morning (every day before noon)
q.d./q.1.d.every day
q.d.a.m.once daily in the morning
q.d.p.m.once daily in the evening
q.d.s.4 times a day
q.h.every hour
q.h.s.every night at bedtime
q.i.d.4 times a day
q.l.as much as is requisite
q.n.every night
q.o.d.every other day
q.q.h.every 4 hours
q.s. a.d
q.v.at will [or]
which see
QWKevery week
rep., rept.repeats
rep.let it be repeated
s.write (write on the label)
s.i.d.once a day
sig.write (write on the label)
without (usually written with a bar on top of the “s”)
sing.of each
SOBshortness of breath
s.o.s., si op. sitif there is a need
s.s., SSone-half [or]
sliding scale
SSIsliding scale insulin or sliding scale regular insulin
SSRIselective serotonin reuptake inhibitor 
st.let it stand
sum.let him take [or] let it be taken
tal., t.such
t.d.s., TDS3 times a day
t.i.d., t.d.3 times a day
t.i.w.3 times a week
TPNtotal parenteral nutrition
tr, tinc., tinct.tincture
u.d., ut. dict.as directed
USPUnited States Pharmacopeia
w/awhile awake
w/fwith food (with meals)
X, xtimes
YO, y.o.years old
>greater than
<less than
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So, these are the abbreviations that are used in our short Forms of Words used in WhatsApp, for business purposes, etc. I hope you loved it, If you have any quarry about this article or want to modify it kindly comment below. We will be happy to help you.

If you have any quarry or suggestions, then you can ask questions from the comment we will definitely reach out to you. thanks for reading this article I hope you loved it. For future updates allow notifications on your device of my site.

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