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Stop saying “can you repeat?” in 2022

Hey. Are you also using it? Can you repeat it in your English speaking? If you are using, can you repeat sentences in your English speaking, then stop from today and you can use instead of that these sentences. Basically, native speakers don’t use it. Can you repeat? They use instead of the sentences I have given below.

Sometimes what happened, whenever someone speaks and we won’t able to understand Then we often use. Will you please repeat or can you repeat? But instead of saying, can you repeat, we can use these sentences in your English speaking. And believe me, These sentences are one of the most important. If you will use these sentences, believe me, your communicator will be impressed.

Can You Repeat?

how to politely ask someone to do something quickly? Today I’m gonna share with you some proven techniques that gonna help you to improve your communication skills. Here are the sentences which you can use instead of. Can you repeat?

  • Can you repeat that?
  • Excuse me.
  • What did you say?
  • Can you say that again?
  • What? Pardon.
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