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35 Ways to Say “Hello” in English

Hello!, Hola! Hay! etc. these are greetings. I think you may have an Idea about ‘Greetings’. In everywhere we have to greet someone either if we meet someone of Boss! or others. Greetings are so important to make someone feel special. But saying the same word again don’t you feel bored. But, don’t worry about that I have the solution for you.

Here I gonna share with you the best 35 ways to say “Hello” in English. which you can implement in your public speaking or greet others.

In this list, you can also understand with the pictures that How to say “Hello” in Different ways. In another way, you can understand that these are the ‘Hello’ Synonyms that will enhance your vocabulary.

Every country has its own culture to greet someone. And as you know greetings are a part of our daily conversation. Now, you have to think about how to greet others in your country.

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Different Ways to Say “Hello”

  • Hello!
  • Hii!
  • Hey! How are you?
  • Howdy
  • How’s it going on
  • Hay! what’s going on
  • Hay! Are you fine
  • Good morning
  • Goodafternoon
  • Good evening
  • Hay! What’s up
  • Hello! How are you today?
  • What’s new?
  • Hay! you surprised me
  • Nice to see you again
  • Hay! there
  • Welcome
  • Good day
  • How have you been
  • Stay safe
  • Good to see you
  • Bonjour
  • How are ya?
  • What are you been up to?
  • Good morning Sir, How are you?
  • Good moring mam. how are you?
  • Good to see you again!
  • How are you feeling today?
  • Long time no see!
  • Hola!
  • Hay! Are you fine?
  • Very good morning
  • Nice to see you again my friend
  • “Yo!”
  • “Morning!” (A more casual way of saying)

Ways to Say Hello | Picture

ways to say hello!
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