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Synonyms of Advanced | Daily use of Sentences

Synonyms of Advanced is here you can use the given below words instead of using “Advanced”. Also some daily use of sort sentences that will help you to learn and speak English fluently.

Synonyms of Advanced

1. Leading

2. Progressive

3. Cutting edge

4. Unconventional

5. Precocious

6. Aboriginal

7. Antecedent

8. Headmost

9. Affection

10. Devotedness

11. Hankering

12. Infatuation

Daily use Small sentences

These small sentences you can use while speaking English and believe me if you use these small sentences. your English speaking will improve so must use while speaking.

  • Keep smilling
  • Eventually
  • Forever
  • For what
  • Keep trying
  • Infact
  • Somehow
  • Lets me speak
  • Next time
  • At any cost
  • Call him
  • Let me go
  • Certainly
  • For the time being
  • Wait a bit

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