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Forms Of Verb: Voice ( Past continuous)

Today we will study about forms of the verb means voice. It is widely used in English speaking and effective way to use these types of sentences during the speaking. Learn here active-passive voice English and Hindi with Examples.

Active Voice and Passive Voice

Rule:  Past continuous sentences show that work was continued in Past.

Sound: Aa Jaa Raha Tha, E Jaa Rahi Thi, A Jaa Rahe The

Structure: Subject + was being/were being +V3 (Past participle )

Some Examples:-

1. Roads were being repaired.
    Road Banaaye Jaa Rahe The.
2. A boy was being taught.
    Ladka Padhaaya Jaa Raha Tha.
3. Boys were being taught.
    Ladke Padhaaye Jaa Rahe The
4. Roads were being decorated.
    Sadaken Sajaai Jaa Rahi Thi.
5. Kites were being flown.
    Patange Udaai Jaa Rahi Thi.
6. Forests were being cut.
    Jangalen Kaati Jaa Rahi Thi.
7. Huts were being scorched.
    Jhopadiyan Jalai Jaa Rahi Thi.
8. Pangs of hunger were being fed.
    Bhukhe Khilaye Jaa Rahe The.
9. Toys were being despoiled.
    Khilaune Tode Jaa Rahe The.
10. Clothes were being washed.
      Kapde Saaf Kiye Jaa Rahe The.
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