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Forms Of Verb: Voice ( Present simple )

Today we will study about forms of the verb. It is widely used in speaking and effective way to use these types of sentences in English speaking. Learn here active-passive voice English and Hindi with Examples.

Sound: Aa Jaata Hai, E Jaati Hai, A Jaati Hai, E Jaate Hain

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Structure: Subject + is/are + V3(Past participle)

Some Examples:-

1. A latter is typed.
Patra Type kiya Jaata Hai.
2. Books are printed.
Kitaaben Chhapi Jaati Hain.
3. Fields are irrigated.
Khet Pataaye Jaate Hain.
4. Hindi is taught.
Hindi Padhai Jaati Hai.
5. Iron is manufactured.
Loha Taiyaar Kiya Jaata Hai.
6. Trees are planted.
Ped Rope Jaate Hain.
7. Baggers are feed.
Bhikhaari Khilaaye Jaate Hain.
8. Good students are rewarded.
Achhe Students Puraskrit Kiye Jaate Hain.
9. Sweets are distributed.
Mithiyaan Baati Jaati Hain.
10. Roads are maintaind.
Sadak Ki Marammat Ki Jaati Hai.

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