Do you speak English? conversation practice with Excercise worksheets

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Do you speak English? Today we will learn about the complete discussion about do you speak English? Conversation. In this Speaking English conversation practice free with dialogues and “Exercise worksheets”. Also, you can play audio and video files and listen to full discussions of meeting conversations.

In this online English conversation, we will discuss the complete information regarding English speaking. So Are you excited! go ahead for Basic English conversation practice.

Speaking English Conversation Practice on Do you speak English

Conversation A

P1. Do you speak English?

P2. Only a little, and not very well.

P1. Do you know many words?

P2. No, I don’t. Only the important words.

Conversation B

P1. Does your brother speak English?

P2. Well, he speaks a little English.

P1. Do your sisters speak English?

P2. Yes, they do. They speak it very well.

Conversation C

P1. Can I help you?

P2. Yes. I speak only French.

P1. I’m sorry, but I don’t understand French.

P2. Please find someone who speaks French.

Conversation D

P1. What’s the matter?

P2. I don’t speak English.

P1. Do you need some kind of help?

P2. Yes, but I can’t explain it in English.

Conversation E

P1. Do you think English is easy?

P2. No, I don’t.

P1. Why don’t you think so?

P2. Because I don’t understand it.

English Conversation Pdf worksheets Free Download

This English conversation pdf worksheet will help you to practice easily whatever you learn before. How it will help you let me tell you:

  • First you save or download this worksheet on any device.
  • Get a print out of English conversation worksheet
  • And start doing exercise

This is the best way to learn ESL speaking Home learning for students. It is a kind of activity to learn English conversation by doing practice. Download a free printable English conversation practice worksheet.

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