How to talk in English with delivery boy? 

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Hay, do you want a conversation with a delivery person? Are you getting suffocating during talking with delivery boy? Don’t worry, In this post I will share with you complete details with conversation practice i.e How to talk in English with a delivery boy.

Conversation with delivery boy

Conversation with a delivery boy

Delivery boy: Hello, Good afternoon,  Is this Mr. You!

You: Yes speaking!

Delivery boy: Sir, I am calling from XYZ company, there is an order of Pizza or XYZ.

You: Yes, I ordered it.

Delivery boy: Sir, Right now I am at XYZ address, could you guide me at your Address please?

You: Okay, you have to come Xyz colony. So you come straight from XYZ. Take left when you reach at ‘T’ point. Then come straight and you will see a xyz (address) at your left.

Delivery boy: Okay sir, After reaching the XYZ, I will call you back.

You: That’s fine, you reach and call me.

Delivery boy: Sir, I have reached the XYZ, where are you?

You: Now can you see there is a cut in your right, please take right and come straight to XYZ society. Reach at 3rd floor and there will be a board of Mr. Singh’s home.

Delivery boy: OK sir, I have reached as you have guided me. This is your parsal sir, Please sign here sir.

Delivery boy: Thank you.

You: You too.

Delivery boy: Have a great day Sir.

You: Thanks, you too

So, this is the English conversation between delivery boy vs you. I hope this article will help you to find your answer. Further if you have any queries don’t forget to comment below.

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