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Future indefinite tense with Examples

What do you mean by simple future/future indefinite tense? where do we use simple future/future indefinite tense? Structure of simple future or future indefinite. All the questions will be answered.

Future indefinite tense is used to indicate an action that will occur or happen in the future.


  • I shall go to the market
  • They will play games in the park.
  • He will sleep right now.
  • They will sleep early.
  • You will ask questions.
  • I will not allow you to go there.

Where do we use Future indefinite tense?

Future indefinite tense is used to predict a future event or to express a spontaneous decision. Also to express willingness/unwillingness.

Example: India will win the match. , I will drive today.

future indefinite tense

Future indefinite tense Structures

Positive: Subject + will/shall/+ V1+ Object

Negative: Subject + will/shall/ + not+ V1+ Object

Interrogative: Shall/Will + Subject + V1 + Object ?


  • I will enjoy the party
  • I shall go to the market.
  • Ramesh will buy a new car.
  • We will score good marks.
  • I will not score good marks.
  • I shall not go to the market.
  • Rahul will not win the match.
  • We shall not buy a new car.
  • Will I enjoy in the party?
  • Shall I go to market?
  • Will Ramesh win the match?
  • Shall we buy a new car?
  • Will he score good marks?

Where do we use shall?

  • The traditional rule was that ‘Shall’ was used as an alternative to will with first person.
  • But now ‘will’ is used more commonly.
  • We can make sentences with shall as do with will.
  • More commonly we use shall make offers, to take suggestions, promises, and informal obligations.
  • Shall is more formal and polite.

1. To make an offer:

  • Shall I make some dinner?
  • Shall I help you?
  • Where shall I drop you?

2. To take suggestions:

  • Who shall we invite to the wedding?
  • Shall we have something to eat?
  • Shall I fix the appointment for next week?

3. To make a promise:

  • I shall return you the money.
  • I shall help them

2. Formal obligations:

  • Everyone shall keep silence in the hospital.
  • You shall appear in the court on monday.
  • We shall not break the rules.

20 Examples Of Future Indefinite Tense

  1. I will not buy a car
  2. I shall go to that place.
  3. Really, Will you go there?
  4. Will you do a work for her?
  5. Actually, I will go to the market.
  6. So, I won’t be able to do that work.
  7. I will put a task for you.
  8. She will not buy a boll.
  9. Radhika will play a piano.
  10. She will be a good doctor.
  11. She will know english as well.
  12. He will speak english as well.
  13. They won’t buy a new car.
  14. Will you buy a book?
  15. Shall I go to that place?
  16. You will go there.
  17. You will do a task for her.
  18. She will not going through it.
  19. I will not go to the market.
  20. I will not give you a task again.

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