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Interjection | Grammar | Definetion of Interjection

An interjection is a word or group of words that express emotion. They can show happiness, surprise, anger, impatience, and many other emotions.

Rules of exclamatory sentences:-

  1. These sentences give an idea, happiness, sadness and surprise etc.
  2. At the end of the sentences, we often use exclamation marks (!).
  3. ‘How much’, ‘How’ manifest excessiveness in the sentences. 


  • Wow! It’s wonderful scenery.
  • What! What happened to him?
  •  Aah! The cracker is going to fall on me.
  • Do you want more drinks? Nah! I’m OK.

 Exclamatory sentence words

Aah!FrightBhay vyakt karnaAah! I don’t wanna go outside.
Boo!ContemptChhi-chhi karnaBoo! Stop the car.
Eek!Surprised, screamDar ya ghabrahat se chikhnaEek! There is a cockroach.
Eww!DisgustingChidh paida karnaEww! She is very irritating.
Hmm!HesitationBolte waqt ruknaHmm! I’m not sure about it.
Hurrah!JoyKhushi jatanaHurrah! We won.
Nah!NoInkaar karnaDo you want to go there? Nah! I’m ok.
Oh!I seeOohOh! You wanted to sit with him.
Ohh!WonderfulAascharya, khusi jatanaOooh! It’s lovely.
Oops!Surprise on mistakeGalti swikarte hue aascharya jatanaOpps! I have given your pen to him.
Ouch!PainAchanak hue dard ko jatanaOuch! It is hearting to me.
Wow!ImpressedPrabhawit honaWow! Its wonderful.
Yeah!YesHanYeah! I’ll be there.
Alas!SorrowShok prakat karnaAlas! It’s a very sad news

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