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25 Pronoun examples in Sentences in 2022

A pronoun is a word that is used instead of a noun It’s called a pronoun. In English sentences, it is used. In every sentence, there is a noun. Instead of that using nouns, we use pronouns.

Definition: a pronoun is a word that is used In place of a noun and is called a pronoun.

Examples: He, she, they, them, someone, her, him, which, etc.

examples of pronoun

Pronoun examples in Sentences

  1. Hello. He loves you.
  2. She hates me.
  3. You admire him.
  4. Do you like it?
  5. Do you know him?
  6. They read in this school.
  7. Those bells are theirs.
  8. These are their notebooks.
  9. This building is his.
  10. Does he practice what he has given to him?
  11. I want to join last month.
  12. You and he were good friends.
  13. You, he, and I are clever.
  14. I would not want to be he.
  15. It is I who have helped you.
  16. It is easy to solve.
  17. I and you are guilty.
  18. He and I are guilty.
  19. What color did you paint it?
  20. They finally decided to paint it blue.
  21. The red One is his.
  22. He should speak English.
  23. Where are you going to write?
  24. This letter is written by him.
  25. What is your parent’s name?
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