Sentence Related to Colour, Shape/Size, Merit/Demerit, and Quality

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Today we are going to study about sentences related to Color, shape and size, merit and demerit as well as quality etc. With rules and examples.

These are a very simple type of sentences which you can use it very easily. Learning is so easy but these are very effective sentences.

During English speaking these type of sentences you can use it properly for short type of conversation for explanation.

Structure: Subject[Noun/Pron.] + Verb [is/are] + Adjective [Color/size]


1. Wah Mota Hai.He is Fat.
2. Wah Lamba Hai.He is tall.
3. Sadak Chaudi Hai.The road is wide.
4. Chhat Unchi Hai.The ceiling is high.
5. Nadi Gahari Hai.The river is deep.
6. Wah Topi Laal Hai.That Cap is black.

Structure: Subject [Noun/Pron.] + Verb [is/are] + Adjective + noun


1. Yah Lal Gaadi Hai.This is a red Car.
2. Wah Kali Topi Hai.That is a black Cap.
3. Rohit Lamba Ladka Hai.Rohit is a tall boy.
4. Yah Sadak Chaudi Hai.This road is wide.

Structure: Subject [Noun/Pron.] + Verb [is/are] + Adjective/ Past participle


1. Sita Sundar Hai.Sita is beautiful.
2. Radha Tej Hai.Radha is Intelligent.
3. We Santust Hain.They are satisfied.
4.We Aaschryachakit Hain.They are surprised.
5. Wah Bahara Hai.He is Deaf.
6. Wah Ladka Chatur Hai.That boy is Clever.
7. We Dhani Hain.They are rich.
8. Wah Dayalu Hai.He is a kind person.
9. Wah Kamjor Hai.He is weak.
10. Wah Bhukha Bhikhari Hai.He is a Hungry bagger.

Structure: Subject [Noun] + Verb [is/are] + Adjective/ Noun


1. Doodh Ujala Hota HaiMilk is white.
2. Koyal Kali Hoti Hai.A cuckoo is black.
3. Doodh Mitha Lagta Hai.Milk is sweet.
4. Subah Ki Hawa Shital Lagti Hai.The Morning air is cool.
5. Garmi Me Prithvi Garm Rehti Hai.The earth is hot in summer.
6. Jaade Me Paani Thanda Rehta Hai.Water is cold in winter.
7. Garib Bhikhari Hote Hain.The poor are beggars.
8. Dhani Log Neta Hote Hain.The rich are leaders.
9. Koala Kala Hota Hai.Coal is black.
10. Garib Imandar Hote Hain.Poors are honest.
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Some peoples have necessary quality and these type of sentences can be in this way.

Structure: Subject [Noun] + has/have + Noun


1. Ghode ki Punchh Hoti hai.A horse has a tail.
2. Ghode Ke Singh Nahi Hote.A horse has no horns.
3. Mard Ke Muchh Hoti Hai.A man has a mustache.
4. Aurat Ke Muchh Nahi Hoti Hai.A woman has no mustache.
5. Hathi Ke Sood Hoti Hai.An elephant has a trunk.

Structure: Subject + is/are + numerical [adj.] age

Structure: Subject + is/are + numerical [adj.] age + day/month/year + old

Structure: Subject + is/are + numerical [adj.] + hyphen + age + old + noun

  • Mohan is ten.
  • Radha is twelve.
  • Mohan is twelve years old.
  • Radha is twelve years old.
  • Mohan is a ten-year-old boy.
  • Radha is a twelve-year-old girl.
  • This house is ten years old.
  • This temple is a hundred years old.

Work For You

Now it’s your turn to implement these types of sentences and keep practicing it. One thing keeps in your mind. If you want to speak in English fluently you have to practise either while speaking or writing. It doesn’t matter.

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