Use time, Season, Weather Type sentences with Examples

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Today we are going to study Time, Weather, and season type sentences. These types of sentences mostly used. These sentences show time, days, date, months, and year.

Use Time Sentences in English With Examples

Structure: It + is/was + noun [showing time/day/date/month/year]


1. Abhi Saat Baza Hai.It is 8 o’clock.
2. Budhwaar Hai.It is Tuesday.
3. Abhi Saat Baza Hai.It is seven now.
4. Abhi Subah Hai.It is morning now.
5. Abhi Sham Hai.It is evening.
6. Aaj Somwaar Hai.It is Monday today.

Some more Examples:

1.Somwar Fir Aa Gaya Hai.Monday has come again.
2. Janwari Samapt Ho Chuki HaiJanuary has ended.
3. Abhi Thik Saat Baza Hai.It is just seven.
4. Ab Saat Bjne Hi Wala Hai.It is just on seven.
5. Saat Bajne Me Abhi 10 Minute Baaki HaiIt is 10 to seven.
6. Saat Bajne Me 15 minutes Baaki Hai.It is a quarter to seven.
7. Aath Bajkar 15 minute Hua Hai.It is quarter past seven.

Use Weather Sentences in English With Examples

Structure: It + is/was + noun [showing season/weather]

Structure: It + is/was + Adjective [showing season/weather]


1. Vasant Hai.It is spring.
2. Jaada Hai.It is winter.
3. Vasant Tha.It was spring.
4. Aaj Bahut Garmi Hai.It is very Hot.
5. Aaj Bahut Sardi Hai.It is very cold.
6. Vasant aa Chuka Hai.Spring has come.
7. Jaada Aarambh Ho Gaya Hai.Winter has set in.
8. Varsha Ho Rahi Hai.It is raining.
9. Rimjhim Versha Ho Rahi Hai.It is drizzling.
10. Barf Gir Rahi Hai.It is snowing.
11. Joron Ki Hawa Chal Rahi Hai.It is blowing hard.
12. Versha Ruk Gayi Hai.The rain has stopped.

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Work For You

Now it’s your turn to implement these types of sentences and keep practicing it. One thing keeps in your mind. If you want to speak in English fluently you have to practise either while speaking or writing. It doesn’t matter. Thanks for reading.

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