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1000 English sentences used in daily life

Hii! Want to learn English sentences,  I hope everything is well with you. In this post, I’ve given “1000 English sentences used in daily life” that are commonly used in everyday life. It allows you to expand your vocabulary and speak effectively in any setting. We also created Basic English sentences used in everyday life.

1000 english sentences used in daily life
1000 English sentences used in daily life

Learn 1000 English Sentences used in Daily life

  1. Hi! How are you?
  2. Nice to see you.
  3. Where are you?
  4. Where were you? I’m going to sleep.
  5. How much do you earn?
  6. What if I don’t help?
  7. Talk anymore. Then I will break up.
  8. When you keep working hard without worrying about being fired, eventually you succeed.
  9. Don’t disturb me.
  10. My phone is ringing.
  11. Do you know the answer to question 10?
  12. He just went out.
  13. This ring is made of gold.
  14. Where did you come so close?
  15. Make a call to him.
  16. Having broken the main gate, the army entered the town.
  17. My left eye is twitching.
  18. I have been searching for you guys for a long time.
  19. the company has been striving for growth since its inception.
  20. He will not dare to deceive me.
  21. The wind is blowing.
  22. He has no right on this property.
  23. Keep it there.
  24. Now listen to me very carefully.
  25. Despite my refusal, why are you going there?
  26. You better change your ways, Rohan. Or we will come to a bad end.
  27. Why are you standing in the sunshine?
  28. At least turn off the tab.
  29. Damned on you.
  30. Did you try calling him?
  31. Don’t worry at all. No one will learn about it.
  32. That’s why I beat him.
  33. Are you kidding?
  34. He knows what to do.
  35. I find behavior strange.
  36. I’m feeling thirsty.
  37. How much does a new fan cost?
  38. I attended a seminar last month.
  39. Hello. He’s an uninvited guest.
  40. It is no good criticizing him.
  41. What is right?
  42. The water is warm now. You go and take Bath.
  43. This is indeed good news.
  44. It’s a twist of fate.
  45. How are you? What are you doing nowadays?
  46. Keep working hard. One day you will succeed.
  47. It seems to know nothing about it.
  48. I didn’t mean it.
  49. Here comes you.
  50. Hello. He often makes me laugh.
  51. I had been instructed to stay in the office till 7:00 PM.
  52. No one applied for the post of conductor.
  53. This is the man who earns.
  54. How many people were there?
  55. The chair is broken.
  56. You seem to be tired.
  57. I’m proud of myself.
  58. Did you tell him how to do it?
  59. I had to go.
  60. The furniture belongs to them, or have they rented it
  61. I don’t know if my boss will let me take the day off.
  62. I will not let that happen.
  63. She cried as she was trying.
  64. Are you coming up or should I come down?
  65. Have you ever spoken to your sister-in-law about Reena?
  66. Where are you going? What happened to you?
  67. Seeing his father, the son, become happy.
  68. Lunch as much as you want.
  69. Rohan, as well as his friend, is innocent.
  70. What shall I do?
  71. The fight is between him and me.
  72. Where is Rakesh?
  73. Why so?
  74. I swear I didn’t do anything like that.
  75. You are forbidden sweets.
  76. I will leave no stone unturned.
  77. It was my duty.
  78. Many a pickle makes a mickle.
  79. I’ll have to book at this house too.
  80. He will begin to swap.
  81. Dad wanted me to join his business.
  82. He’s about 5 feet tall.
  83. I’m not going anywhere.
  84. Why are you doing all these things?
  85. Don’t let those 3 lovers enter here.
  86. By the way, tell me whose idea was it?
  87. He’s getting his house repaired.
  88. Ram learns computers.
  89. I love to draw colors and paintings.
  90. Connect your printer with the laptop.
  91. Search for success is concerned. He made it with honesty and elegance.
  92. The train might be late today.
  93. Long time no see.
  94. Go and study.
  95. We will talk tomorrow.
  96. The letter was sent by post.
  97. It was he who had said it.
  98. He looked downwards.
  99. It’s decided.
  100. I already wanted to go there.
  101. How much do I owe you?
  102. I had told you not to step out.
  103. I tried again.
  104. I will surely meet you.
  105. We have to go there right now.
  106. I promise you won’t hear Ron’s name after this.
  107. He was speaking more than enough.
  108. This is not such a place. We can stay a longer time.
  109. he comes to me for money.
  110. The children have not been studying for 2 days.
  111. I can’t believe you guys live like this.
  112. Where did you come?
  113. why are you acting over smart?
  114. Let us study as it is our people tomorrow.
  115. He had been addicted to smoking.
  116. We could not connect you.
  117. I didn’t call to wish me.
  118. I’m not an engineer.
  119. When I come back, I want to see you just the way you are now.
  120. It will be for ₹10.
  121. Did you feel bad?
  122. You are making me worse.
  123. I knew that you would forget, but I have not forgotten happy birthday.
  124. Becoming a billionaire? It’s not a child’s play.
  125. Didn’t hurt you?
  126. I’m reaching the office soon.
  127. Eat a little.
  128. There was plenty of food to eat at the party.
  129. I want to buy something.
  130. Say it with love and I can even die.
  131. You have so many sarees.
  132. It has been a month.
  133. Have you gone out of your mind?
  134. A great cry, little wool.
  135. If he loves you, then he will definitely marry you.
  136. What else? Look at you.
  137. Laugh as much as you want.
  138. The chair is broken.
  139. No, you will tell me that my relationship is over.
  140. You won’t be able to sleep in a piece.
  141. You are forbidden from smoking.
  142. Don’t worry about me.
  143. Despite my refusal, you went there.
  144. I can’t believe you lied to me.
  145. He is very close to me.
  146. It is too hot outside.
  147. Such a fat man I have not seen in my entire life.
  148. My passport got stolen at the airport.
  149. That’s all fine. But why are you not eating?
  150. Please spare us in the name of God.
  151. This fruit is selling at ₹10 kg.
  152. She could not hold weeping.
  153. I’m really feeling bad about you.
  154. Talking rubbish all the time.
  155. She called me.
  156. Whoever tried to stop her was killed.
  157. Why should I stop him?
  158. I’m singing.
  159. Honestly, if I say.
  160. What are you looking for?
  161. I can’t.
  162. Wake me at 4:00 AM.
  163. I don’t wanna go there.
  164. I was sent somewhere.
  165. Have I felt giddy when I look down?
  166. The police have arrested Rohan. The cops are taking him away.
  167. I don’t need to apologize for that.
  168. Don’t even think so.
  169. He, as well as his family, is educated.
  170. You have been telling me for a long time that you want to say something. Why don’t you tell me?
  171. Decrease the speed of the fan.
  172. Have you understood or not?
  173. If I had your contact number, I would definitely call you.
  174. It’s just a trivial matter.
  175. He’s such a brave man that he can fight with a lion.
  176. This fan is out of order.
  177. I can’t express the joy, I felt.
  178. I need you to go.
  179. It will take 15 minutes to have breakfast.
  180. Applies or I will break your bones.
  181. I don’t wanna argue with you.
  182. I’ll be back in 10 minutes.
  183. Do you have something to say?
  184. Keep it ahead.
  185. How to dance?
  186. Mummy has let me talk to him.
  187. Give your phone to your father.
  188. This mobile seems to be made of cheap parts.
  189. We should not have let her go.
  190. I have no time.
  191. Idiot, can’t dial correctly.
  192. I’m not after money.
  193. They are trying to identify that. What is wrong with it?
  194. You are a very idiot boy.
  195. You are telling us all this now.
  196. I sometimes go for a run in the morning.
  197. Did you see anyone take it?
  198. Even I can’t tolerate him.
  199. I don’t like to contribute to your company.
  200. It is no use staying here at night.
  201. Move from the way.
  202. When did you come?
  203. Now the police will do whatever needs to be done.
  204. Have you seen him anywhere since?
  205. So what do you want from me?
  206. We get a salary on the 10th of every month.
  207. Do you remember what I said to you?
  208. You can never get rid of me.
  209. I can’t even think so.
  210. May God bless you.
  211. Now onwards, we will cook for you.
  212. Definitely. Are you going to do this?
  213. There lived a king in the jungle.
  214. If you don’t do hurry, you will miss the boss.
  215. Rohan has never made such a mistake before.
  216. All you had to do was get out of the bed and put the buckets out.
  217. She makes the issue of everything.
  218. Hello. What do you want to be in life?
  219. We had come to give you a notice.
  220. I have a pain in my leg.
  221. The cost of that necklace which you see on her neck is 5 lakh.
  222. Now he doesn’t act so pricey.
  223. Please say me from these Ruffians.
  224. I have completed 350 sentences.
  225. You always tune me out.
  226. It is no use crying over split milk.
  227. Hi Sir, I’m speaking the truth.
  228. Don’t drag me into your matter.
  229. Have you meant a lot to me?
  230. That’s enough.
  231. You are fortunate that we didn’t get the packet.
  232. I’m not completed. The sentences.
  233. You are so stubborn.
  234. If you act so pricey, I will go from here.
  235. In the meantime, we exchanged hot words.
  236. I didn’t go.
  237. Open a new door and take me inside.
  238. Why did I do this to myself?
  239. Thinking of you, what else?
  240. Every child in his childhood thinks that he will become an engineer, doctor, or scientist when he grows up.
  241. You came late even today.
  242. Look, he has come.
  243. I gave the mobile for 1000.
  244. Hello. Where did it come from?
  245. Your phone switched off as well.
  246. Let it be I’ll manage.
  247. It is no good complaining to him.
  248. I like the way Hrithik dances.
  249. Are you in your senses?
  250. Today I am creating 110 sentences.
  251. I think I have seen you before.
  252. Is the bridge sitting with you?
  253. Ram doesn’t let him go.
  254. I wish I were yours.
  255. Rahul has to go.
  256. She hates cheating on others.
  257. He used to smoke one packet of cigarettes a day.
  258. Delhi, why?
  259. Did a girl give you this?
  260. The meeting may be held on this Monday.
  261. You are so jealous of me.
  262. I don’t want to bother you.
  263. You live with honesty.
  264. Comb your hair.
  265. I could not attend her wedding.
  266. Who does this?
  267. It takes 2 to make a quarrel.
  268. Let’s get to know each other.
  269. How dare you say this?
  270. 1000 sentences in a day.
  271. I’m madly in love with you.
  272. Can’t you take care of your kid?
  273. I’m serving dinner.
  274. I never thought you would be such a pervert.
  275. He could never understand my paint-up emotions.
  276. The road short and our journey.
  277. It had been showing for 2 hours.
  278. Do you want to learn 1000 sentences in a day?
  279. I have a car.
  280. In spite of being a doctor, I am as helpless as you are.
  281. He knows injustice has been done to you.
  282. Either of you has done this.
  283. Have you asked for me?
  284. There was a great rush on the train.
  285. I have been looking for you for so long.
  286. Keep in touch.
  287. All recommend resting your luck.
  288. You can’t win him in an argument.
  289. I will choose you as my life partner.
  290. Don’t take me wrong.
  291. Why don’t you keep them there?
  292. Don’t bite your nails.
  293. Will you 2 stop quarreling now?
  294. Here I am.
  295. I’m having fun.
  296. I’m serving the food at all.
  297. I can’t make it this time.
  298. Are you still working there?
  299. Work is just an excuse.
  300. I don’t know English.
  301. I have some work.
  302. There is the only place that is worth seeing.
  303. What is the matter?
  304. Who told you?
  305. What are you doing?
  306. What is he doing?
  307. What far?
  308. Where were you?
  309. When did you come?
  310. What did you say?
  311. What do you say?
  312. What have you?
  313. What do you know?
  314. Will you do one thing?
  315. What is the reason?
  316. Nice to meet you.
  317. I’m fine and you?
  318. Make the bed, please.
  319. Unpack the luggage.
  320. Thread the needle.
  321. Blow out the candle.
  322. Go and enjoy yourself.
  323. Take off your shoes.
  324. Squeeze the lemon.
  325. Ring him up.
  326. Set the alarm at 5:00.
  327. Mind your own business.
  328. Pair your nails.
  329. Do not write in pencil.
  330. Do not walk barefooted.
  331. Live like an American.
  332. American peoples are so good.
  333. American English is the best English.
  334. American knows how to do it.
  335. Americans have developed so many things.
  336. What would you like to say about Americans?
  337. American peoples are so rich.
  338. Americans have discovered so many things.
  339. All European countries are so rich.
  340. Americans people think about India.
  341. What do Americans think about India?
  342. What do Indian people think about America?
  343. What do Spanish people think about America?
  344. Do you speak Spanish?
  345. How long did you stay?
  346. I got a temporary job.
  347. You seem very tired.
  348. Are you prepared?
  349. I need some relief.
  350. He rolled his eyes.
  351. Don’t scream.
  352. I bit my tongue.
  353. I have a twin brother.
  354. I study at a university.
  355. Is it a holiday today?
  356. Why do you like it?
  357. How to dance?
  358. I’m getting wet.
  359. I’m learning American English.
  360. I’m learning the American accent.
  361. What do you want to learn in English?
  362. I want to learn English to communicate with people in English.
  363. Why English is so important? English is not so important. It is a language.
  364. Have a good day.
  365. I like Italian food.
  366. What’s your address?
  367. It may rain tomorrow.
  368. It’s a quarter to it.
  369. What is your date today?
  370. Believe me.
  371. Call me back.
  372. As soon as possible.
  373. Give me a hand.
  374. I do not understand.
  375. I do not mean it.
  376. How much is it?
  377. How old are you?
  378. How was your weekend?
  379. What did you say?
  380. What do you need?
  381. What do you think?
  382. What do you want to do?
  383. What do you want?
  384. What’s the weather like?
  385. Where are you going?
  386. Is all good.
  387. Is everything okay?
  388. What are you doing?
  389. Absolutely not.
  390. I have an idea.
  391. I have no idea.
  392. I agree.
  393. I’m at home.
  394. It’s on the trip of my tongue.
  395. It’s okay.
  396. It really takes time.
  397. After the exam, students will go home.
  398. I don’t want to say anything.
  399. Why you don’t wanna say anything?
  400. I’m tired.
  401. Why are you tired?
  402. I have worked so much.
  403. What did you do?
  404. I went out of the station.
  405. give you some information about me during these first lessons
  406. But let me get this pulled up.
  407. can you pronounce your name for me?
  408. I know that there are a bunch of different languages
  409. Hi everyone, I am John we provide welcome back to my YouTube channel
  410. Good morning.
  411. How are you doing?
  412. Not bad.
  413. What’s up?
  414. It’s nice to meet you.
  415. It’s nice to see you again.
  416. I’m surprised to see you here.
  417. Long time no see.
  418. How have you been?
  419. Hi there.
  420. How are things with you?
  421. What’s going on with you?
  422. What are you doing here?
  423. Hey.
  424. I am going to the beach this afternoon.
  425. Maybe you should check the weather forecast first.
  426. Can you take out the trash, please?
  427. Check the weather before going sailing
  428. Am I pronouncing it correctly?
  429. An open door.
  430. Any problem?
  431. Anything else?
  432. Before April comes before me.
  433. Are they coming this evening?
  434. Are they coming today?
  435. Play the same.
  436. Are they the same?
  437. Are they your friends?
  438. Are you alright?
  439. Are you allergic to anything?
  440. Are you Indian?
  441. Are you busy?
  442. Are you comfortable?
  443. Are you coming this week?
  444. Are you coming with me?
  445. Are you free at lunchtime?
  446. Are you free today?
  447. Are you going to attend their wedding?
  448. Are you going to play?
  449. Are you going to help him?
  450. Are you alone here?
  451. Are you hungry?
  452. Are you married?
  453. Can you speak louder, please?
  454. Can you speak slower, please?
  455. Can you swim?
  456. Can you throw that away?
  457. Can you translate this for me?
  458. Can you pronounce your name, please?
  459. Come and see me tomorrow.
  460. Come indoors, It’s cold outside.
  461. Coming.
  462. Has already gone Mira has already gone.
  463. Did it rain yesterday?
  464. Did you call?
  465. Did you come with your friends?
  466. Did you get my email?
  467. Need to send it.
  468. I am sending you an email.
  469. I’m sending you the email.
  470. Should I email you regarding this?
  471. Please check your email.
  472. Did you check your email?
  473. I’ve sent you the email.
  474. I have no email account.
  475. I haven’t gotten your email Yet.
  476. Let me go through your email.
  477. Please email me your photos.
  478. I already emailed you.
  479. I have 2 email addresses.
  480. Can I have your email address?
  481. With your email address,
  482. I also want to get your number.
  483. Write down my email address.
  484. Your email address is very unique.
  485. Do you want to get my work email address or my personal one?
  486. Let me give you my personal email address.
  487. Should I see this email?
  488. I apologize for the delay in my reply.
  489. Thank you for your request for your interest.
  490. Thank you for your inquiry, about our products.
  491. I haven’t seen you for a long time.
  492. I received your request.
  493. Thank you for your continued report.
  494. I haven’t seen you for this some time.
  495. Do you want to learn 1000 English sentences used in daily life?
  496. Why do you want to learn 1000 English sentences used in daily life?
  497. I want to speak English.
  498. I want to speak fluently.
  499. I want to speak fluently in English.
  500. Have you any problems?
  501. No, I don’t have a problem.
  502. Try it yourself.
  503. Why will anyone come?
  504. Run has sent this parcel for you.
  505. Are you angry at me about something?
  506. She is not kind as her husband.
  507. Where do I start?
  508. I will obviously go there.
  509. There lived my dad.
  510. It is sunny today.
  511. All ice cream flavors do you like?
  512. How is it pronounced?
  513. This room is cleaned every day.
  514. I have made some coffee.
  515. Would you like some?
  516. I know Rhea, but I have never met her husband.
  517. I used to work in a company.
  518. I’m going to sell my car.
  519. Similar to you.
  520. Your face reminds me of someone.
  521. He kept on studying all night.
  522. Nowadays he is working hard like anything.
  523. Do you know me?
  524. You look like a Salman Khan.
  525. You play missed my image.
  526. First, set your mood right.
  527. From today onwards
  528. I will not talk to you.
  529. They both still think alike.
  530. My left eyes twitching.
  531. You’ve hardly eaten.
  532. I will dine out today.
  533. Don’t be ignorant even knowing.
  534. Call spade a spade.
  535. Why are you taking so long?
  536. It’s up to you.
  537. This is what you always say.
  538. People often change with time.
  539. I’m not one of them.
  540. I will never betray you.
  541. Don’t spoil the kids.
  542. I have full faith on you.
  543. Are you drunk?
  544. It’s no so.
  545. Be respectful.
  546. How long have you been staying here?
  547. I found but yesterday.
  548. Will you tell me or not?
  549. What else do you want?
  550. Why are you still asking?
  551. I’m not in the mood.
  552. It’s just strange.
  553. I didn’t notice that you are already here.
  554. You are just saying that.
  555. I just want to make it clear.
  556. Don’t you understand?
  557. Why aren’t you speaking?
  558. I’m just not comfortable.
  559. You are always like that.
  560. Have you gone mad?
  561. Everything was just a dream.
  562. Will you please listen?
  563. Did I do something wrong?
  564. I can’t do this anymore.
  565. I’m fed up with you.
  566. I will watch a movie later.
  567. Don’t wait for me.
  568. I don’t want to be with you.
  569. I hope you understand.
  570. Don’t do it again.
  571. I already did what you told me.
  572. She’s not here.
  573. That’s not me.
  574. He’s saying something.
  575. My friend is coming over.
  576. Let’s buy pizza.
  577. Note that one.
  578. This is so spicy.
  579. I’ve just eaten.
  580. Seems like it.
  581. Don’t worry.
  582. Let’s hurry.
  583. Nothing yet.
  584. How are you?
  585. Tell me where it is.
  586. He intended it.
  587. I am calling him now.
  588. Return it.
  589. I’m done cooking.
  590. He cooks for me.
  591. Let me pay for it.
  592. Don’t forget about her.
  593. I can’t do something about it.
  594. Let him go.
  595. He still doesn’t know.
  596. I think you don’t know about me.
  597. That’s not real.
  598. Look at it carefully.
  599. Is this for me?
  600. Let me do it.
  601. Call me.
  602. Let me show you now.
  603. Which is more effective?
  604. Why are you still here?
  605. Do you know what’s happening?
  606. Do you know someone who can help?
  607. I’m nervous.
  608. Wake him up.
  609. Don’t be like that.
  610. It was not your fault.
  611. She is very emotional.
  612. Who is that?
  613. Just my friend.
  614. What can you say about him?
  615. Have you met her before?
  616. Is she the one I’m looking for?
  617. I can’t believe this.
  618. You are one of a kind.
  619. I will pray for you.
  620. Do as you please.
  621. Think carefully.
  622. Is that a problem?
  623. That’s what I thought too.
  624. Come with me.
  625. Come back soon.
  626. What will we do now?
  627. Let it be.
  628. It’s a matter of everyday.
  629. You 2are stupid of the first order.
  630. Would you like to drink juice?
  631. Don’t ride 2 horses at the same time
  632. . Whatever happens, happens for good.
  633. I knew for the every beginning.
  634. He’s not worth it.
  635. It’s no laughing matter.
  636. Shut up, Otherwise I will trample you.
  637. Look, don’t travel with me.
  638. What’s your worth?
  639. A man of Littleworth?
  640. Don’t return me.
  641. Whatever you wanna do,
  642. go for it.
  643. Sit cross-legged.
  644. Don’t make me angry.
  645. Don’t argue with me.
  646. Tell me the truth.
  647. Time is running out.
  648. Are you done?
  649. Do you want anything else?
  650. I kept sneezing all day.
  651. Well, I’m hanging up now.
  652. It’s long after sunrise.
  653. How arrogant are you?
  654. She is very talkative.
  655. I’m man of my words.
  656. I do what I feel like.
  657. Does it make any difference?
  658. It doesn’t make any difference.
  659. Are your study going on?
  660. It’s pretty heat outside.
  661. What was he whispering in your ear?
  662. Mind your own business.
  663. Don’t talk nonsense.
  664. As you wish.
  665. We’re not on visiting terms.
  666. We are not on speaking terms.
  667. The area is not sufficient here.
  668. You are a selfish friend.
  669. You are so-called friend.
  670. Ignite the gas.
  671. Strike a match.
  672. Like the candles.
  673. Burn the fire.
  674. When balls have ears.
  675. Don’t play innocent.
  676. You have my world.
  677. She is a man of few words.
  678. What day is it today?
  679. It’s too bad that you failed.
  680. I didn’t dare to say even a single word.
  681. We should not have let him go.
  682. It’s not a big deal..
  683. For me, it’s a big deal.
  684. Learning English is not a big deal.
  685. How dare you, to abuse me?
  686. What a same!
  687. Don’t compel me.
  688. What’s the matter?
  689. What’s wrong with you?
  690. Such was the titration at all.
  691. What brings you here?
  692. The answer is on the tip of my tongue.
  693. Have you had your breakfast?
  694. Grandfather is hard of hearing.
  695. You are quite careless about yourself.
  696. Speak a little bit.
  697. Button up your shirt.
  698. Actually, it was done by mistake.
  699. You’re worried for no reason.
  700. You irritate me.
  701. It’s a terribly hot day.
  702. I am very hot.
  703. He has a flexible mind.
  704. She was in a black dress.
  705. What’s so special about her?
  706. May his soul rest in peace.
  707. Kohli kept mum at the Pressman conference.
  708. What is its use of it?
  709. I’m nothing to do about it.
  710. It was my misunderstanding.
  711. There is something fishing.
  712. I’m feeling giddy due to the heat.
  713. She has a better tongue.
  714. You are good for nothing.
  715. It’s getting hotter day by day.
  716. What do you think of yourself?
  717. I have turned 18.
  718. I’m not mad.
  719. It’s obvious.
  720. There’s a lot of hustle-bustle in his house.
  721. There is less salt in it.
  722. There is more sugar in tea.
  723. By God’s grace, all are fine.
  724. It has a feel of its own.
  725. I’m done listening to you.
  726. I took him for a fool.
  727. Don’t add fuel to the fire.
  728. Time is the best healer.
  729. what you’ve been up to?
  730. That’s a good one.
  731. It’s very kind of you.
  732. Thank you anyway.
  733. Thank you in advance.
  734. No worries.
  735. Returned home for the first time after 10 years.
  736. Are you free to do as you please with your money?
  737. This bus is full.
  738. You have to wait for the next one.
  739. I won’t be able to do it.
  740. I’ve had a lot of work to do lately.
  741. I have a lot of friends.
  742. I hope it will rain.
  743. The weather is bad.
  744. I will bring my umbrella.
  745. I have a problem.
  746. They are fighting.
  747. What’s the result?
  748. We talked about that last night.
  749. Thank you for always being with me.
  750. This is all because of you.
  751. What are you thinking?
  752. I’m studying now.
  753. I don’t have money.
  754. I found work.
  755. I am not doing anything.
  756. Will we play later?
  757. Are you working?
  758. You are so beautiful.
  759. Your house is very big.
  760. It’s so noisy outside.
  761. I’ll treat all of you.
  762. Just get what you want.
  763. It’s been a long time.
  764. I will do laundry later.
  765. My room is clean.
  766. Why are you here?
  767. I don’t need your help.
  768. Are you happy?
  769. Since when?
  770. I can’t remember.
  771. I’m telling the truth.
  772. I’m not lying.
  773. We’re just near.
  774. Do you want to see it now?
  775. Who gave these?
  776. This is too easy.
  777. That’s also what I’m thinking.
  778. Good for you.
  779. Sorry for bothering you.
  780. I’m still thinking.
  781. Look at this.
  782. You are so bad.
  783. why are you looking for me?
  784. Are you sure about that?
  785. Where can I find him?
  786. You don’t tell me.
  787. My dog is playing.
  788. Why are you not watching?
  789. What did you return immediately?
  790. Do you need anything else?
  791. Why would I do that?
  792. We’ll watch a movie later.
  793. He has been watching since morning.
  794. It’s good to exercise.
  795. All start now.
  796. I can’t move.
  797. What did he say?
  798. I already told him.
  799. Why did you fight?
  800. That’s what he told me.
  801. Don’t look at me.
  802. I don’t trust you.
  803. How was your sleep?
  804. Are you still mad about what happened?
  805. Stop complaining.
  806. Where will you meet?
  807. What time will you go?
  808. I will just take a bath.
  809. What did you cook?
  810. Does it really take that long?
  811. It’s your favorite.
  812. Guess it.
  813. I want to learn.
  814. I want to learn English, teach me.
  815. I’ll always remember it.
  816. I saw you yesterday.
  817. I thought I saw you.
  818. Where did you put it?
  819. I haven’t found it yet.
  820. I’m already preparing it.
  821. I saw it a while ago.
  822. May I help you?
  823. How may I help you?
  824. I’m looking for a good fountain pen.
  825. Could you help me, please?
  826. What can I do for you?
  827. Could I look at a wristwatch in this case?
  828. Just a moment, please While I get the key.
  829. Are you waiting?
  830. Is someone helping you?
  831. I beg your pardon.
  832. Can I help you with anything?
  833. No thanks. Someone is already waiting for me.
  834. It’s not here.
  835. It’s a little bit more.
  836. Not much.
  837. How often?
  838. I didn’t notice you.
  839. I rarely see you.
  840. You think too much.
  841. It was just an example.
  842. It was just confidence.
  843. I didn’t see anything.
  844. That’s not good.
  845. Let’s head there.
  846. How are we supposed to know?
  847. We have thought about it.
  848. He often goes there.
  849. We were supposed to go yesterday.
  850. What time will you leave?
  851. It might take me a while.
  852. I’ll not allow you.
  853. I’ve been waiting for you since morning.
  854. Why were you not answering my calls?
  855. I’m busy.
  856. I should insist on that.
  857. She contributes to that.
  858. He will worry about that.
  859. They are quarreling over that.
  860. You are amazing.
  861. I hope I can do that too.
  862. I need to rest.
  863. You are so weak.
  864. He was my classmate before.
  865. I know that your friends.
  866. Don’t tell to anyone.
  867. Look at what you did.
  868. They are already here.
  869. Why are you asking?
  870. I have a question for you.
  871. Will you be my friend?
  872. I’ll wait for you here.
  873. I don’t want to bother you.
  874. I’m waiting for a call.
  875. I can’t hear you.
  876. Forget it.
  877. What did he tell you?
  878. I’m not interested.
  879. I believe in you.
  880. Is that it?
  881. I don’t have any idea about that.
  882. I like her too.
  883. I don’t like him.
  884. I see.
  885. No one knows.
  886. Everything is ready.
  887. I can’t open it.
  888. I’ll take it.
  889. That’s alright.
  890. What is going on?
  891. Everything is fine.
  892. I’m on the way.
  893. What you gonna do?
  894. Stop kidding.
  895. Keep quiet.
  896. Just do it right now.
  897. Pleased to meet you.
  898. Bye. See you again.
  899. How dare you?
  900. Thanks for this honor.
  901. Walk slowly.
  902. Mind your own business.
  903. Think before you speak.
  904. Have a nice day.
  905. Well done.
  906. Keep it up.
  907. I’ll call you later.
  908. Get out of my sight.
  909. Is that enough?
  910. Anything else?
  911. I need to go home.
  912. Maybe another time.
  913. Are you alone?
  914. Be careful driving.
  915. I’m happy for you that you get a job.
  916. What is this about?
  917. Don’t do that.
  918. I won’t forgive you.
  919. I love my job.
  920. Everything will soon be right.
  921. I want to watch this.
  922. He will win for sure.
  923. He is very happy right now.
  924. I can.
  925. Close your eyes.
  926. I’ll sing a song for you.
  927. It will not mind it.
  928. Get ready.
  929. Should I sing a song?
  930. Why don’t you sing a song for me?
  931. Don’t worry, I’ll have it.
  932. He’s laughing at me.
  933. I told you.
  934. I still have a lot of things to do.
  935. Will you help me?
  936. Where did you go?
  937. So this is where you leave.
  938. I can’t sleep.
  939. Oil change now.
  940. You are late.
  941. I met him just as he has come out of the school.
  942. In a crisis, you must get in touch with your teacher.
  943. She was advised by him to go to the police.
  944. We must learn to live in harmony with nature.
  945. The weather was not only cold, it was also damp.
  946. His mother set up all night waiting for her son.
  947. Can you tell me where the nearest bus stop is?
  948. I don’t like the way you laugh at her.
  949. He’s not as intelligent as his older brother.
  950. This problem is too difficult for primary school children to solve.
  951. How long does it take to get the train station?
  952. I’m going to stay here for a couple of days.
  953. He looked for every possible means of escape.
  954. I would like to have a cup of coffee.
  955. Can you imagine what the 21st century will be like?
  956. I slept a little during lunch break because I was so tired.
  957. I can’t believe your parents let you come here by yourself.
  958. Hey I may have no money, but I still have my pride.
  959. She sent into her room to change her dress.
  960. Ebola spreads from person to person through bodily fluids.
  961. The bus stops suddenly in the middle of the street.
  962. It was raining heavily when I got up this morning.
  963. Does he go to school on foot by or bicycle?
  964. I had to abstain from smoking while I was in this hospital.
  965. I had to take my medicine every 6 hours.
  966. She told me that she would go to Paris in August.
  967. This is the most beautiful sight that I have ever seen.
  968. The rivers were flooded by the heavy rain.
  969. Fluency in English is a very markable skill today.
  970. 150 people entered the marathon race.
  971. The old houses were turned down to make room for a supermarket.
  972. I’m going off.
  973. It is sometimes difficult to make yourself Understood in public.
  974. Woman it later Mills when they’re eating with her guy.
  975. I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.
  976. Do I have to take off my shoes here?
  977. The date of the festival coincides with that of the exam.
  978. I wish that I would spend more time together.
  979. I don’t want to be involved in that matter.
  980. A beautiful woman was seated on the row in front of me.
  981. I hate when other people make me wait a long time.
  982. According to my calculations, I would be in India by now.
  983. My son is going to leave for France next week.
  984. I have a lot of friends to help me.
  985. There are lots of new buildings here now.
  986. my uncle comes to see me from time to time.
  987. I always have to wear a tie because of my job.
  988. I wonder if you have something to write with.
  989. I have to sing old folk home today.
  990. Would you like to go to the zoo this afternoon?
  991. She was too short to see over the fence.
  992. He has not written to us since last February.
  993. I’ll call back at a more convenient time.
  994. I recognize that what he says in the truth.
  995. As far is I know she did nothing wrong.
  996. What will you be doing at this time tomorrow?
  997. The airplane is capable of carrying 40 passengers at a time.
  998. Beautiful women watched, seated on the row in front of me.
  999. This is what I have shared with you 1000 English sentences used in daily life.

1000 English sentences used in daily life pdf

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