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Had Better Meaning: Uses, Sentence with Examples

Today we will study “Had better” with meaning. Use of Had better in a sentence is very easy. If you want to know complete details about its uses then be connected with us. Here I gonna share with you examples.

Had Better Meaning

Had better is used to talk about the present or the future actions, we think people can do better than other the people do that time. In another way, we suggest that to do in another way.

Use of Had Better in a Sentence

How to use “Had better” in a sentence here we will know. Learn and do the exercises at your home.

had better meaning
+had better
+had rather/would rather
+infinitive[without to]
+infinitive[without to]
had better
had rather/would rather
see a doctor.
see a doctor.

Use of Had better with Examples

1. You had better take care of your health. or

You had rather take care of your health.

2. He had better consult a doctor. or

He had rather consult a doctor. or

He would rather consult a doctor.

3. You had better stay at home. or

You had rather stayed at home.

4. He had better read this book. or

He had rather read this book.

5. You had better walk in the morning. or

You had rather walk in the morning.

6. He had better take a rest. or

He had rather taken a rest.

7. You had better work hard. or

You would rather work hard.

8. He had better leave Alcohol. or

He would rather leave alcohol.

9. Learning English would rather for me.

Learning English had better for me.

10. He had better eat less. or

He would rather eat less.

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