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English Conversation Practice Exercise – Getting Information

English speaking conversation topic on getting information to someone. But, In this Speaking English conversation practice free with dialogues and Exercise. Read the full discussions.

In this online activities conversation, we will discuss the complete information regarding getting information

So Are you excited! go ahead for Basic English conversation practice.

Speaking English Practice With Exercise- Getting Information

Practice A

S1. What’s the matter?

S2. I need some information.

S1. Go to that desk over there.

S2. Thank you very much.

Practice B

S1. Can you help me, please?

S2. I’ll try to

S1. What’s the best way to get to this address?

S2. I’m sorry, but I really don’t know.

Practice C

S1. How can I get to that address?

S2. You can go by taxi.

S1. Isn’t there any other way?

S2. Yes, by bus, but it’s complicated.

Practice D

S1. How do I get to the nearest subway station?

S2. It’s two blocks from that street.

S1. Do you mean the street running that way?

S2. Yes. That’s the one.

Conversation E

S1. Is this the right way to Grand Central Station?

S2. No. You’re going the wrong way,

S3. Which way should I be going then?

S4. It’s in that direction-about six blocks.

English speaking Practice Pdf worksheets Free Download

This English conversation pdf worksheet will help you to learn fluent English conversation skills. How it will help you let me tell you:

  • First you save or download this worksheet on any device.
  • Get a print out of English conversation worksheet
  • And start doing exercise

This is the best way to learn ESL speaking Home learning for students. It is a kind of activity to learn English conversation by doing practice. Download a free printable English practice worksheet.

English conversation practice exercise (3)

I hope this article “English practice exercises” will be helpful for you further if you have any queries, kindly comment below. We will definitely reach out.

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