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BI full form | What is the full form of BI?

Hello, do you know what is the full form of BI? If not, then definitely read this article completely, because today I will tell you here Full Form of BI i.e. what is the Full Form of BI?

The full form of BI is Business Intelligence, which refers to the procedural and technical framework, which collects and analyzes the data produced by the activities of a company.

BI is a broad term, which includes Data Mining, Process Analysis, Perform Benchmarks and Descriptive Analytics.

Although there are many other full forms of Bi, some of which we are sharing below, if you also have any full form of Bi, then definitely tell in the comment.

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Bank of IndonesiaBanking
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Biot NumberAcademic & Science
Backup InterfaceNetworking
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