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How to put a baby up for adoption

Today, we are here to guide you, on “how to put a baby up for adoption”. The term giving or putting a baby up for adoption is surrounded by far too many negative connotations. Creating an adoption plan for your baby does not equal giving up. We’re here not only to tell you why but to guide you what how the adoption process works.

how to put a baby up for adoption

Steps How to put a Baby Up for Adoption

Step1: Contact the adoption network. There are many things to think about when faced with an unwed pregnancy. It may be stressful, but it’s important to know that you’re not alone. Know all your options so you can make the most educated decision that’s best for you and your baby.

Step2: Discuss with your adoption advisor in-depth about your decision to create an adoption plan and what you want that to look like.

Step3: Choose the perfect adoptive family.

Step4: The birth of your baby. Depending on your preferences, your adoption adviser and or the adoptive parents can be there with you to support you during the delivery and thereafter. Then the formal legal paperwork for the adoption process starts.

The adoption journey is a beautiful process and provides the ultimate gift of life and the forever home for a child will provide you with as much support and counseling as desired throughout the process and long after we support whatever decision you make and we’ll hold your hand the entire time. This is the information about how to put a baby up for adoption.

How to

How to put a baby up for adoption Example

So let me share some of the documents that I will be presenting to Jennifer today for her to sign.

Most of them are information that I need to gather from her so that I can share that with the adoptive family. All right, actually adoptive families I’m going to be choosing a number of families to present her paperwork to so that she’ll have a number of families to choose from.

So in here in my state, we have something called an adoption disclosure and it’s essentially a statement of the state law regarding adoption. And so our state requires that every mom or dad placing a child for adoption in this state, understand what the adoption law is at the very outset of their adoption plan.

So this document actually ensures and provides evidence for the fact that the mom knows what that is, and that protects each mom from people who might want to take advantage of her.

There are people out there like that. So, also we get a lot of background information. There are two forms that I have one is the background information where we asked about.

you know, who you know, birthday, you know, all that life, you know, license number, where were you born, that kind of thing, who your parents are, do you have children, you know, what’s their health and you know, who are they living with and just all the information about the mom and about Jennifer in particular today, and then also some information about the birth father to the extent that she knows it.

Then also obtained medical information. So I’ll be presenting Jennifer with a medical information form that she’ll be filling out and I call it the list of horribles.

So it’s just a laundry list of all kinds of horrible things that you can have, and so that we can make sure that we are choosing a family that can handle any of these factors that child may have, which may not develop until later in the child’s life.

We want to make sure that the adoptive family is aware of whatever they’re getting into, and they’re going to be still committed to that child no matter what. So that’s very important. It’s very important for moms to be very truthful about their health history so that we can do that and I can do my job to protect her child and make sure her child will be in a loving home forever. How to put a baby up for adoption

Here in my state, the moms and dads have the opportunity to choose their own witnesses, advocates, and sign the sharding of the adoption. Consent doesn’t happen until after the baby is born. Anything before that is nothing but a plan which can be changed, altered, and terminated. But the consent signing is the official time and the official document where a mom actually makes a decision a permanent decision to place her child for adoption.

How to put a baby up for adoption Information

So when she does, we’re required in this state to have two witnesses, their present plus a notary. And by law, she has the opportunity to choose the witnesses who are going to be in the room with her and sign the document with her. So that’s kind of a nice thing because you might want to have her your mother or sister or family member, our dear friend. Most of the moms that I work with, don’t really want anybody else in their family or their friends there when they sign the consent. How to put a baby up for adoption

And they prefer that I choose witnesses to be there. And I choose people that I know and trust to keep confidentiality will also be presenting to Jennifer today.

Talking about ‘How to put a baby up for adoption’ The statement regarding the adoption reunion registry in my state we have an adoption reunion registry, which is designed to be a clearinghouse for adopted children who wants to reach the age of majority at 21 depending on your state and they want to find their birth parents most of my birth parents do not lose contact with the adoptive families over the years, but subdue and so this is a fallback position to allow adoptive children to be able to locate their birth parents if their birth parents want to be located.

So I call it a dating service. So what happens is when a child reaches the age of majority, let’s say 18, then he or she can register their name and contact information with the reunion registry. And, and the birth parents can do that as well. But it’s not a requirement.

So if a birth parent doesn’t want to be found, then they don’t register and that avenue is not available to the adopted child. But if they do want to be found they register and so the adopted child can simply call the birth mother up or the birth father and have a reunion with that birth parent. Another thing that we talked about is living expenses here in my state.

Birth mothers are allowed to receive living expenses which are paid for by the adoptive family. So I want to put down on paper what Jennifer’s needs are and she’s already intimated to me that she’s going to have some needs.

Not all moms have financial assistance needs. But Jennifer will when she gets out of jail, have a need of a place to stay and some help with paying for her car expenses, some food perhaps, and maybe your cell phone, I don’t think she has a cell phone.

So that just some basic essentials that you need when you are living on your own or even when you’re not living on your own and you need a little bit of assistance. assistance can range from zero to the amount that would cover pretty much everything a mom has needs during the pregnancy.

So we’re going to be nailing that down and putting it on paper so that I can make that part of the packet that I present to adoptive parents.

I want every set of adoptive parents to know what Jennifer’s needs are so that they can commit to that. If they’re not willing to commit to or they can’t financially afford to commit to the finances that Jennifer has, then I don’t want to be presenting that family to her.

So also openness, openness is another huge thing. I know already that Jennifer from our first meeting, Jennifer told me that she wants to have an open relationship with the adoptive family. So I’m going to be sure to choose a family who understands that she does want that openness, both during the pregnancy and after the baby goes home with the adoptive family.

So it’s a different kind of openness before birth. And after birth. Because a child was involved after birth, obviously. And so that’s something we’re going to talk about too, as to what her desires are again so that I’m presenting to her family, only the families that can meet her particular unique needs.

So that’s what we’ll be talking about today. I’ll also be talking with her more about the birth father and how to approach him because I hope to be able to contact him later today.

That’s what’s happening today. And I’ll be putting out some documents now and putting them in a packet and taking them over to the jail to meet with Jennifer. So I’ll come back and share with you some information that I have from her.

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