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How to speak like an American | Spokenenglishtips

how to speak like an american

Today I’m going to share my tips and tricks for sounding more like an American I came to the Americans, who are here and I realized I needed to work on my accent and on my speech to be more like a natural American person so in this article. “how to speak like an American?”

I’m going to share exactly what I’ve done and things that I’ve used and if you’re interested please continue reading this article.

Speak English Like an American

My first advice would be to listen and try to mimic everything you hear in America any phrase, any action that you like from your favorite actor.

But there are also some small things that you need to notice first in order to start practicing them in your speech, the first thing that is really helpful in understanding the words that Americans use when they’re thinking of something when they’re trying to find the right word for the phrase.

And these words I like an empty lightly OH like okay no oh my gosh so for example when somebody asks me what I do and I’m not really sure how to describe I say I am like an entrepreneur and I ran Lone Star and it’s like a booking platform a platform for study abroad experiences so I am using like instead of pauses to think of the next word and I know.

English speaking environment

It’s really helpful because sometimes I hear people using just some random noises which make their speech so weird so every American would use like but also when I first came to the English speaking environment,

“I was 14 and I realized people are using like and this was Great Britain I started inserting like after every single word which is not the best Cape.

The best case is when you just keep silent but for some little time, for example, I am an entrepreneur and I’m running my startup so these bosses are okay.

If you’re at the level if you see I’m using the positive, if your level is intermediate you can definitely use like.

because it’s easier then you don’t have to control your poses as well but when you’re gradually moving to advanced and upper-intermediate start using both instead of those likened words.

the second thing is how Americans greet each other? so at the school were told to say good morning, good evening, good afternoon.

Here you would only hear these phrases if you’re entering an office or you’re entering a
restaurant or a shop and the person, who’s reading this way so this is pretty formal if you’re making friends with Americans and you see them for tense.

The time you’re going to say what’s up bro! what was going on? oh my god, what’s up bro, sup bro.
If you want to sound more like an American so when you see a friend you’ll be like
what’s up bro.

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