50 Simple English Phrases With Example Sentences

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There are 50 phrases of English that are commonly used by native speakers. It is an exhaustive list that must learn and use in your English speaking. Mastering these phrases would improve your English to the next level.

Today we are going to learn about the 50 most common phrases which are spoken by people who speak English. I know after reading this you will love these phrases and you will implement them in your speaking English.

1. Long time no see.

This is something you say to a friend, relative, family member, or colleague if you meet them after a long time. Let us see some examples here given below:-

Hay Rahul! long time no see. How have you been?

Hay Rahul! Lambe Samay Se Nahi Dekha. Kahan The Aap.

2. Don’t take it to heart.

It means when you say something unpleasant to the other person. You are sure that the other person is not going to like it, that is when you say don’t take it to heart. let’s see:-

Priyanka, You are my friend but I hate those cookies, don’t take it to heart.

Priyanka, Aap Meri Dost Ho Lekin Mujhe Un Cookies Se Napharat Hai, Ise Dil Par Mat Lo.

3. Did I get you right? 

You say this to somebody when they are trying to explain to you something and you tell them, what you understood from that and then you say, did I get you right?

I have to submit these files to the income tax office, did I get you right?

Mujhe in phailon ko aayakar kaaryaalay mein jama karana hai, kya mainne aapako sahee samjha hai?

4. It serves you right

What does it mean? It means when there certain false of your own and something that happens as a consequence of that fault then you say, It serves you right.

The punishment of firing from her job severed her right.

Use naukaree se nikaal dene ki saja ne usaka adhikaar chheen liya.

5. What have you been up to?

You ask this question to someone when you meet them after a period of time. When you want to know what they were doing during that gap, that is when you ask them what have been up to?

Hay, Ravi we are meeting after three months. what have you been up to?

Hey, Ravi ham teen maheene baad mil rahe hain. Abhi Aap kya kar rahe hain?

6. You Rock!

You say this to somebody when you want to praise them. Let’s understand by this example:-

Prity, You Rock ! in that red dress girl.

Prity, us lal poshak wali ladki me aap kamal lag rahi hain.

Simple English Phrases With Example

7. It’s not worth it.

You say this to someone when you are trying to explain that the price that they are going to receive for the effort it’s not worthy enough, So the efforts are kind of a waste.

Forget him, he is not worth it.

Use bhool jao, vah isake laayak nahin hai.

8. Text me.

This is used mostly when saying to you, Text me I will text you, Simply means that I am going to send an SMS or I am going to send you a written massage.

Text me once your performance is over in the evening, okay.

Mujhe massage karna jab sham ko aapka kaam khatm ho jay, thik hai.

9. There is no room for doubt.

It means, that you are absolutely sure about that thing. Let’s see here an example.

They are completely made for each other there is no room for doubt.

Ve poori tarah se ek doosare ke lie bane hain isamen sandeh kee koi gunjaish nahin hai.

10. How are you holding up?

This question is asked when the person who’s asking the question already knows about the past events of the person whom the question is being asked.

So If I am asking you how are you holding up all I want to ask you is how are you doing? Despite the sad situation that has happened in your life.

11.  Break a leg.

This one does not actually mean that you have to break somebody’s legs. It simply means that you are wishing Good luck to somebody. If my friend is going to take an exam then I can say,

Break a leg, you gonna do well.

Goodluck, Tum achha karne wale ho.

12. Beat the dead horse.

It means that you are wasting energy on a lost cause. Something that will not change but still you are wasting your energy on that.

Stop beating the dead horse, she is not going to listen to you.

Use marna band karo wah tumhari baat sunne wali nahi hai.

13. Eat like a horse

It simply means you eat a lot.

If she comes to the party I am going to order extra food she eats like a horse.

Yadi wah party me aa rahi hai to mai extra bhojan order karne jaa raha hun, kyonki wah bahut khaati hai.

14. Hold your horses.

That means, You are asking the other person that wait a moment, hold on, stop! don’t rush.

Hold your horses, don’t rush to explain that to me again.

Ruko, jaldi mat karo mujhe vistarpurwak batao.

Read Simple English Phrases With Example

15. From time to time

That means sometimes not very often.

Her daughter visited there from time to time.

Uski beti samay samay par wahan gayi.

16. Peace of cake

I am sure you must have heard this one. The peace of cake is something that is very easy.

Clearing that exam was peace of cake for me.

Exam clear karna mere liye aasan kaam hai.

17. Takes two to tango

Tango is a dance that has to be done by two people together when they hold hands and dance together. So takes two to tango means more than two persons involved in a situation so basically it is used in a negative conversation of a particular situation happening not just because of one person but also because of the other party.

Divorce is rarely the fault of one person it takes two to tango.

Talak kisi ek vyakti ki galti nahi hoti hai, Isme dono samil hote hain.

18. Stabbed in the back

It means somebody has betrayed your trust.

I am never going to trust her again she stabbed in the back.

Mai dobaara us par viswas nahi karunga wah pahle bhi dhokha de chuki hai.

19. This is a no brainer

This means something is so easy that you really don’t need to think too much about it.

This question is a no-brainer, I’ll solve it in two minutes.

Mai Do minute me Hal Kar Dunga, Isme Dimaag Lagaane Ki Jarurat Nahi Hai.

20. I screwed up

That means it’s my mistake.

He offered me a coffee, I said no I screwed up.

Usne Mujhe Coffee Offer Kiya, Maine Niras Kar Diya Mana Karke.

21. Can you cover for me?

I mean you are asking the other person to cover the evidence, to hide the evidence against your wrongdoing.

I told her the password and the information is out. can you please cover for me?

Maine Use Password Bataya Aur Information Leak Ho Gaya. Kya Aap Meri Bachaav Karenge.

22. I’d better be going

That means you are expressing the need to depart.

I really late. She is waiting for me I’d better be going.

Mujhe Der Ho Gayi Hai, Wah Mera Intajaar Kar Rahi Hogi Behtar Hoga Ki Mai Chalun.

23. Come again

It means you are asking for a repetition of what the other person has just said. So you see

 come again it means repeat that again, please 

24. Nevermind

It is a polite version of saying, Don’t worry I will take care of it myself. like your friend ask you to help with the homework and you could not because you were busy so they say

 Never mind, I will ask somebody else.

Koi Baat Nahi Main Kisi Aur Se Poochh Lunga.

25. How does that sound?

This is a way of asking about the idea. If you like an Idea or not. Let’s take an example

I am planning a vacation to America, how does that sound? (Kaisa Laga)

 and in return, you can say that sounds good!

26. That sounds great!

This means you are appreciating the idea, If someone is expressing their ideas in return you can say that sounds great!

27. What do you think?

This the way of asking what is the opinion of the other person.

 what do you think? should I hire him or her for the post?

 kya Kahate Ho? Kya Hamen is job ke liye us ladke ko Shamil karna chahie ya ladki ko.

28. I’ll be with you in a moment Or I will be with you in a minute

 These are the ways of borrowing some time. Let’s say you go to the bank and the bank tailor uh is busy with the other person and meanwhile, you start to talk. the tailor is going to say to you

 Give me a minute or Give me a moment. 

And they finished the task they were doing and then they will get back to you for what you want to them to do.

29. Could you repeat that, please?
You say this when you haven’t heard what the other person is saying in the first call Like your friend calls you and she says  something to you and you are unable to hear her in the first call then  are going to say this to her

 could you repeat that, please?

Kya Aap Dobara repeat Karengi, Please

And then she will repeat that for you.

30. Couldn’t care less

It means that you could not care at all. 

whatever that teacher says about my parents I could not care less.

Simple English Phrases With Example

31. You sold me

What does that mean? you sold me means that you said the things so nicely I completely understand and I like your idea.

 Oh!  With these amazing pictures, you completely sold me the idea of spending a vacation in Jammu Kashmir.

32. Step up your game

It means work harder, goal, you need to step up your game. You can also use sarcastically Step Up Your game. This is used for someone to motivate.

33. Pull yourself together

This means you are asking your friend or whoever to control their feelings.

 Let’s say one of your friends going  through a breakup and you say a to them

Pull yourself together with your girl, it’s time to get to move on.

34. That’s lit

It is another way of saying that something is amazing. that’s lit is common these days you must have heard it somewhere.

35. Keep up the good work

That means you are appreciating the good work of the other person. You are asking them to keep doing the way they are doing.

 Keep up the good work Neha, management loves your idea

Bahut achhe Neha, Management tumhari Idea ko pasand karegi.

36. Come on! You can do it

It means you are motivating somebody that they can do it, they have got it.

 You can start your YouTube channel, come on! you can do it.

37. You’ve got to be kidding me

It means that you don’t believe that thing to be the truth. It is often expressed sarcastically. let’s see

Mohan says to Rahul, you know with a score of 56 out of 100 she top the class. And then Rahul replies to Mohan,  you have got to be kidding me.

It means Kya Majak Kar Rahe Ho! Surprisingly

38. Lucky you

It means you are appreciating the other person for what they have got by appreciating their luck. 

lucky you girl!  you married the hottest girl of the batch.

39. Can’t complain 

 it simply means you are happy about how things are going in your life.

 He says to you how are things going in business? and you reply

 can’t complain.

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That means business is going well. ( Sab Kuchh Achcha Chal Raha hai)

40. That’s a good one

This is another way of appreciating somebody’s ideas or somebody thought anything.

I looked at your dress hanging in the showcase of your shop and you say 

That’s a good one.

41. Freaked out

Someone freaks out when something suddenly angry them, upset them and confuses them.

She freaked out when she saw him at the station.

Wah, Achambhit ho Gayi Jab Usne use Station par Dekha.

42. Cheer up

That is a sweet way of asking somebody to smile and forget about the worries.

Cheer up, 60% marks are not bad for this exam.

43. Fingers crossed

So you generally say this with your fingers actually crossed. It means you are wishing for luck.

I hope India wins the world cup this time, I am keeping my fingers crossed.

44. Didn’t catch your name

That is a polite way of asking somebody’s name. So if you are having a conversation and you forget to ask the name of the person or if they told you the name and you have forgotten the name then you can just simply say

Sorry, I didn’t catch your name, Please repeat that for me

45. Things happen

That is another way of saying somebody that do not be very upset about the situation because things happen.

 Please don’t be upset about your breakup, things happen.

Kripya Apne breakup Ke Bare Mein upset mat ho Aisa Hota hai.

46. Thank you anyway

So you ask somebody up for help and they could not give you the help and could not  I really do like them for and that is when you say thank you anyway.

That means it’s ok you could not do what I asked you for but thank you anyway

47. Thank you in advance

Now, this is something that you often use on emails. when you ask somebody for help and you say thank you in advance along with the help that you mention i.e another way of saying that I know you are going to do something for me so I am thanking you in advance.

Hey, bro thank you in advance for what you have done for me and for your suggestion.

48. Sorry to bother you

You say this when you are about to ask a favor or help somebody and you are disturbing them with what they are doing so you say.

sorry to bother you, Could you please record for my details that you just entered in the computer.

Maaf Karna, Kya aap Dobra Mera detail check Kar lenge Jo Aapne Computer Me Enter Kiya hai Please.

49. Good for you

This is something that can be used in both negative and positive ways means something good has happened to you.

You got the subject of your choice, good for you.

 You beat me in the competition, good for you.

50. That explains it

Now, this is used to express something that has happened now which explains or gives a region to do something that has happened before.

Oo! I just recently found out she got promoted to the Managing position. which explains happiness throughout the day.

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