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Basics Of English Grammar

Basics Of GrammarFirstly, I would like to talk about is Grammar necessary for spoken English, probably when you are studying English in High School or even Elementry school or education.

You probably took some grammar classes they might have focused on sentence, agreement, verbs, subject agreement using words in the correct place. 

You probably focused on grammar and vocabulary, Petty. Heavily so was this important for you? Was it important for your English learning?

Let me give you what I think well this is a trick question because, of course, grammar is essential you need to have good sentence structure. 

You need to make sure that your sentences are understandable; in general, grammar is important, but how can you learn grammar that is the biggest Question.

What is the fastest way to learn grammar should you study grammar and focus on grammar rules. 

Well, there’s two sides of this if you are a beginner if you are starting to learn English I recommend learning some general Grammar rules,

 When to use basic verbs where different parts of the sentence go basic sentence structure, but if you are an intermediate or advanced English Lerner, then you should try your best to understand native English speakers.

Basics for English Grammar

‘If you are a basic Lerner, then you should know about basic grammar because it helps to boost your English learning means you can understand easily, so the basics of grammar are needed for everyone. It improves your structures and conversation understanding.

I am giving here some basics of grammar, which is essential for Spoken English. Study all the lessons below and consolidate your learning into your speaking and writing.

Basics of English grammar- Lessons