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spoken English Tips

700 Dailyuse of Sentences

Hindi to English sentences for practice, Sentences with examples

Are you facing problem with making sentences? If your answer is Yes, then you don't need to worry now. Spokenenglishtips will help you every problems in English Speaking from beginning to advance. 

For English Speaking it is most important that are you capable of making sentences because these are the fluency booster for spoken english. If you are beginner then visit our course for spoken english from beginning.

Learn Here 1000+ types of Daily use of English Sentences. This Hindi to English Sentences is very useful for practice English. All Sentences are very simple to use in English Speaking. Even that these simple sentences also for kids can learn easily.


In this video today we will know The Daily use English sentences which we always use in our daily life. It is very Important English sentences video. It will enhance you English Speaking practice by watching this video you will find lots of knowledge of making sentences in Hindi to English as well as English to Hindi.

Spoken English Course

This is a list of All English Speaking Tips where you will get above 1000+ of English speaking structures from basic to advance. You can start studying any lessons which are absolutely free. There is a big community to help you to improve English.

We have organized all the lessons as an index form which will help you to find an easy way of any lessons.

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